Worrying now

Having only had my MRI on Tuesday I have been contacted by the hospital, I have to go back on Friday to see the neurologist, so now I’m so worried as the letter was sent only 2 days after my scan :frowning:

Hi Pinkpolkadots, I’m sure I’d worry more if I had to wait a lot longer. Be gentle with yourself (I won’t say ‘try not to worry’ because that always makes it worse!) Do distract yourself with nice things though, a favourite film, a tasty treat…what makes you feel good? Best wishes :heart:

Of course you are worried (just as you would be worried if a month had passed and you had heard nothing), and there is no cure for it but time. Just plod on, one step at a time and remind yourself that you are on the road to finding out more about what is the matter.


Hi hun

Can only agree with the others. It’s perfectly natural to be worried. I have everything crossed for you, let us know how it goes on Friday.

((Hugs)) PG xx

Thank guys, only time will tell, so I guess I need to try and calm myself until Friday and maybe have a bit of chocolate :wink: x

I was referred to neuro following a spinal MRI, He said he’d booked me in for a brain MRI and said he’d see me about 2 weeks afterwards, so I guess that’s probably to allow time to look at etc. Don’t panic though, if mine old me that before the MRI :slight_smile:

Sonia x

look on the bright side that means everything is going to be sorted out faster! staying calm and relaxed will be a good idea anytime

stay positive and keep us updated x