scared now

Hi, I have been waiting a year for diagnosis after first being told stroke, then not. I have had another MRI last week, and still awaiting last part of lumbar puncture , oligoclonal bands, and my consultant has now left.

I rang the secretary and she said to ring her Monday ( today) to check results are all in, then she will book me in for a routine appt with another consultant.

I got to my mobile today with missed calls from her, so I rang back and she said all the results are in and she happened to have a cancellation on Weds, My sister is a medical secretary and usually this means they have some answers that need dealing with. The same thing happened when they lost notes for an appt with stroke clinic, and found them and they just happen to have a cancellation 2 dayd later too.

Am I being paranoid, or right?

Thanks peeps


hi clare

you’re not paranoid, maybe a bit suspicious but who wouldnt be when you’re going through diagnosis.

so if the answer is yes, you have ms, will you be relieved or unhappy?

that’s the worse case scenario and if you can cope with that, you’re a proper warrior!

how will you feel if you’re told its definitely not ms?#

anyway its only 2 sleeps until you know.

good luck

carole x

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Hi Clare,

you are going through the same emotions anyone would feel. It’s always a worry but as Carole has said only a short time and you will find out. Will be thinking of you.

good luck



Hi Clare, Pigpen has asked some very good questions (ones that I’m pondering, myself). Whatever the outcome, know that you have a support net(work) here ready to catch you if need be! Not long to wait until you get some answers. All the best :heart:

Hi Clare,

I am totally with you infact quite scarily so.

After coping with pain,pins and needles,bladder and bowel problems and being told it’s just pain!!! aaagghhhh,I managed earlier this year when things were getting really bad,to persuade my g.p that praps encephalitis followed by epilepsey from age of 5 might be worth investigating. A brain scan followed which showed dawsons fingers,u fibres and demyelation in upper spine.I had appt with neuro who was 99% certain that it was m.s, but wanted me to have a lumbar puncture to rule everything else out.

I can’t get to see her again(they only visit my hosp. every few weeks) so I am paying to see a m.s neuro. tomorrow,when I hope to be given the results of lumbar punture and a definitive answer at last.

I am also very anxious and fed-up of every waking thought being about m.s . No sleep last night.Terrified he is going to say that he needs to do more tests to find out whats going on.

I will be thinking about you tomorrow and hope you get the answers you need . What time is your appt? mine is at 6pm.

Take care loves and hugs

Linda xx

I’m the same as you - forever second guessing what will happen at my next appointment! And I’m usually wrong :slight_smile: But it doesn’t stop me.

Your feelings are completely normal and I, too, am very suspicious of speedy appointments.

The thing is, until your appointment, you won’t know the outcome. So, even though it’s going to drive you batty between now and tomorrow, just try and be as calm as you can. Treat yourself to some choccy and a bath or a good book

Will be thinking of you

PG xx

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Thank you so much everyone, will just take what comes I suppose. Will let you know what happens

Clare x

Good luck Hun. We’re all here for you xx

Good luck, don’t think you are paranoid at all. I got called in for an earlier appoinment by the 2 consultants that were dealing With me re the symptoms I was having and about my mri scan. I now have appointment in oct With neurologist and I probably will have to have lp & the evoke whatsits. Am in the same boat as you. Limboland. Hope it goes well for you. Am in the same boat as you. To say alarms bells flashed when they Rang was an understatement, am naturally suspicious anyway

Good luck, I hope you get some answers x

I am also in same position had LP and vep 8th July and have to wait until 2nd September for results sick of waiting :frowning:

not long now.

good Luck to you both.

Let us know what happens as I want to know what going on :wink: I’m the same, I get a bit paranoid now and again. When I walked out of the MRI room, I heard one of the staff say to the other ’ that wasn’t nice was it’, well! You can guess how I was! It may be nothing to worry about at all, but you will feel better when you know what’s going on xxx