Hi some may know I went for a full spinal two weeks ago. Had an answer phone message last week from neuros secretary saying no signs of ms but could I phone her. I tried phoning but she wasn’t in the rest of the week due to personal circumstances. I have been really patient waiting to speak to her thanks to citralpram relieving my anxiety. However she told me something has been found, not ms related and the neuro will discuss it with me next week when I see him. She told me it’s not a tumour or something life threatening but I am now terrified of what the heck it is. Due to spending way too much time on the internet over the last few months I have all sorts going through my head, ie mnd and all the worst things possible. I really thought she was just going to tell me there was absolutely nothing on the scan and I would be in limbo. Having taught myself to be patient over the past month I am now bursting to know what the heck is causing all my symptoms and I am praying it is something that can be fixed or managed. Sorry to bore people but this forum has been a life saver for me over the past few months xx

Hello jojow

I’m not sure why the secretary rang you with the information. It would have been better, leaving things till you saw neuro next week. Its not the secretary’s role to discuss scan results really.

Good luck for next, let us know how you get on

PS; keep off google between now and next week

I had (spinal surgeon) secretary tell me over the phone that brain scan was ok but that I was being referred to neuro. Heaved a sigh of relief. Then I had outpatient appointments on the phone telling me that the neuro had instructed that I was to be given an urgent appointment - to be seen within the week, two weeks max. So back to being stressed again

I completely understand how you are feeling katalina, it’s scarey stuff waiting. I could sort of tell by her tone blossom that there was something to tell me so I probably started to ask too many questions that she kind of had to answer me. I’m just going to try and not think too much over the next week but I will you know once I find out. Thanks for the replies x