Just rang neuro secretary....

So I had a full brain and spinal MRI back at the start of April I think it was and have still heard nothing. I just rang the neuro secretary and now I’ve got myself all worked up. I know it’s probably me just over thinking it but I asked her if she could tell me if MRI was normal. She said she couldn’t tell me but would ask the neuro to ring me when she was in tomorrow or squeeze me into a clinic. N

Ow I’m thinking the worst because she didn’t just say yes it’s normal. Are the secretary’s even allowed to do that?? I have had someone tell me they found some lesions that looked like cysts but no OTHER evidence of demylenation. So does this mean that is demylenation? Also the neck MRI said looked like my neck was in a spasm whatever that means. Would I have felt a spasm? Argh! Sorry for rambling x

Not at all, been there :slight_smile: all I can say is don’t ask the receptionist, I was only saying this to someone the other day, I was given wrong information by a receptionist and it caused a bit of bother here. I know how you feel, I will be in the same boat again in the next couple of weeks( a second MRI), and I will be itching to get the results. It’s the wait that’s the worst. I would phone your GP and see if he/she can chase up the results, some are good at doing that. Best of luck Hun and try not to worry too much, easier said than done I know xxxx

Thank you :-)hopefully will get a phone call tomorrow and see where I am with it all. Been ongoing for three years now and an answer would be good! I have some days when I think ms could be a real possibility and others when I feel ok so think there’s no way it can be! I’m feeling quite good at the moment so hopefully it’s not that! I just think if everything was normal the secretary would have said! Xx

Yeah, she might, or she might’ve been told not to give out results? Don’t know chuck, I hope you get answers soon. I’m only two years into the diagnosis process, there are some who have a clear cut diagnosis and some who have to wait a while. Keep us updated xx

I will do. Good luck to you too xx

Common practice, secretary is not allowed to tell you good or bad and neuros usually have you in to discuss , again good or bad , not over the phone. Took me 10 months to get DX and unlimited tests of all kinds, so although hard please try to not read to much into it

Gray I have been going 3 years with this but since I began the journey again was August last year. So 9 months now and it’s been a long 9, made harder by the fact I had to give up driving. I know I’m probably looking too much into but it was the way the phone call went, I came off the phone shaking. She said she would ring me tomorrow as the neuro has been off sick for a week and goes away in a couple of weeks so gonna be hard to get my follow up which was due last month. Would rather get it over the phone now if I can! Enough is enough!

I completely understand where you’re coming from. Wish they would just tell you over the phone if you want. Would cut waiting lists down a little.

So the neuro secretary just rang me again. The consultant hasn’t had chance to look at my MRI so she will today and send me out a letter. I’m glad she stuck to her word and rang me today but it’s gonna be more waiting now. How can they not have looked at it from April?! Early April at that!