had MRI last week and Consultant has asked to see me Thurs. I'm scared now x

Had a follow up to my MRi head on 22 Nov but tonight received a message from the Consultants secretary inviting me to see him this T!hu. I so scared and convinced myself I now have a tumour or something . Let’s face it he wouldn’t bring my appt forward to Thurs just to tell me all is fine, nor would he do that if I Had got MS because if so I’ve prob had it for ten or so years . Why so quick. oh crumbs. Have 4 babies and am at my wits end now x

Hi Mooshy First off I do know how you feel. Try not to get to worked up. I am sure if it was anything really serious they would have contacted you much much sooner. It sounds like your consultant has news on the MRI and can fit you in sooner. It does happen, it’s happend to me in the past. I go today the 6th to see my Neuro for my MRI results. Now last week my rehab consultant appointment was changed from Jan, to 5 hours after my results appointment. This has had us convinced something serious was up. However it turns out that whilst my MRI results are not great (more lesions on the brain and spine) its not a tumour as we have been dreading and fretting about. (they kindly sent me a letter today to give me the results so we could “chat” about a new drug therapy tomorrow, which has taken three weeks to get here) I know this is little help but please don’t work yourself into a frenzy. Good luck on Thursday and everything crossed. X

Good luck on Thursday and try not to worry. Someone else may have cancelled an appointment! Teresa xx

It’s probably just a cancellation or maybe the neuro is going off on holiday or leaving and wants to clear his “tell them the results” appointments before he goes?! So try not to worry. As you said, if you’ve had this for more than 10 years, then it is not something that would suddenly become an emergency.

I hope it goes well.

Karen x

It happened to me once and I was also scared out of my wits. When I got there is was a perfectly normal appointment with a registrar (at that time I wasn’t dx) and when I asked why it was brought forward they said it was because they had an extra registrar on the team.

Try not to worry and hope it goes well,

Pat x

I guess its not worth telling you not to get too worked us as there could be numerous reasons for the appt being so soon as the others have said.

Good luck with the appt,and dont forget to take an extra pair of ears in with you.


I was wondering how your app went ?

Sam x