So angry at consultant!!

After being sent to my local hospital yesterday to get taken in and scanned was sent home today with nothing done!! The staff were very rude to me, as they didn’t have a clue what was going in with me, they don’t understand wot the cant see!! I was told scans we’re booked and waited all day on nuero coming to see me, he didn’t appear and is only there on a Tuesday, turned out no one had informed him I was there. After a lot of upset, my symtoms getting worse I was sent without seeing a nuero, being told I will get MRI in about ten days!! I’m scared upset and there’s nothing I can do, the consultant who sent me home, wax the same one a year ago who said all my symptoms were of a chest infection n sent me home with anti biotics then, even though my exrsy showed no infection!! I have no faith in that hospital but would have to wait 8 weeks to be seen at the one with the proper facilities. I had prepared myself for the worse, now I’m back at home as scared as ever!!! Cxxx


How horrible for you, to be scared, ill, and feeling let down by the specialist. I wonder if it would be worth going for an 8 week wait for the neuro you really need to see?

Easy to say - but try not to be sitting at home petrified. As so many on this list will tell you, even if it IS MS, it isn’t the end of the world. There are treatments out there, a cure around the corner - and your life to be lived. Try to be calm if you can, and good luck with the wait, the tests, and everything else.



Hi Lisa, as distressing as the last few days have been for you, I reckon waiting the 8 weeks is the way to go. There’s absolutely no excuse for the way in which you were treated at the hospital, made worse by the obvious lack of communication between staff. I’d wait it out if it were me, at least that way you know you’ll be seeing the right neuro. As Vicky said, do your best to carry on for now. Time passes by quickly unless we’re waiting for something specific; try to keep yourself busy - distraction is often a good way to help keep our thoughts off what’s at the forefront of the mind. It’s not an answer I know, but sadly, ‘waiting’ is something most of us are used too. Try to keep in mind that you’re ‘in the system’ and the ball has started rolling. Good luck, let us know how you get on. Debbie xx

Just wanted to agree with Vicky and Debbie and to add that I hope you make a complaint about the horrible way you were treated. It’s only when people complain that things change and I’d hate to think of your experience being the norm! Karen x

Hi Lisa You poor thing! It’s bad enough having the symptoms, with the accompanying worry, without feeling you are being let down by the very people that should be there to help and reassure you. I think you’ve been given great advice in the above replies. I’ve recently been diagnosed with MS. Before the diagnosis I’d worried myself into a right state and I think if someone told me I’d have to wait 8 weeks, they might as well have said 2 years as a day was feeling like a month whilst in limbo. However I think that if you’ve faith in the Dr, the hospital and the support staff it’s worth the wait. It’s too important to feel you’ve not been assessed thoroughly or with compassion. Are you able to put your name forward in case there’s a last minute cancellation? It may mean daily phone calls but it may be an option. Ultimately what I thought would be my worst case scenario, like everything in life, was not worth the worry, weight loss, anxiety & stress I put myself through beforehand. Please don’t spend 8 weeks fretting. There may be a number of reasons for your symptoms but even if it is ms, there are so many positive news stories, as well as some amazing cures that are getting closer by the day. If you do wait 8 weeks then look after yourself as best as you can, try and focus only on the positive things - and never google your symptoms!! I’m sending you positive thoughts & wishes Jane xxx