I have my mri tomorrow at 4pm , not sure whether the person taking it, can tell me anything ,like if they see any problem . consultant was very dissmissive when i saw him in the week so he is not expected anything (apart from my brain ) lol. apparently he is going to send results whenever he gets them through ,not sure if its direct to me or my doc . have had bloods done again at hospital and will have nerve tests on arms i think or he is getting results of some nerve conduction tests i have on ankles and see if i need the arms one .

Does anyoneknow if the person tomorrow can say anything about scan to me ? i know they won t be able to diagnose anything .also how long do results take to get back to consultant ?

Hi,I had a mri scan early doors,probably the 1st or 2nd in a of series of tests. The person conducting the scan can see problems,but not allowed to say anything. My diagnosis took about a year and I remember the neuro doc saying"I don’t think you’ve got ms." How wrong he was.IN Jan 07 at 8.30am I got a call from the hospital asking me to come and see Mr Tiagi at 1.30pm. Oh sh-- I thought,I’ve only got months to live,but it was just to confirm what everyone else thought.He told me that I had MS. My reply was. “Does that mean I’ll end up in a wheelchair?” His reply was. “Probably not.”

Best of luck,John.

The person who runs the scanner is a radiographer rather than a radiologist so while they can most likely spot obvious abnormalities, they aren’t trained to spot the less obvious things or to know what they mean. As John says, they also aren’t allowed to say anything.

I hope it goes well :slight_smile:

Karen x