Mri results are in

So I got the results of the nerve tests and mri scan. Nerve tests are inconclusive, whatever the heck that means. Mri shows bone degeneration that is usually seen in men with manual jobs. I think helping ex on cars has done this as I helped several times lifting engines in and out etc. Also, the scan shows abnormalities on my spinal cord. Is this what they’re looking for for a diagnosis of ms?? I now have to have another mri, this time on head, neck and upper spine. I’ll get a phone call with an appointment. I’m fed up now. Can hardly walk today with pins and needles being a pain in my leg, and my balance has left the building, last seen screaming down the road!! Ann-Marie x

hi ann-marie

when you get your appointment you’ll be able to ask all your questions.

so write them down because, believe me, you’ll forget them on the day.

my balance has been a pig for 8 years, but i just have to get on with it.

any symptoms that are especially annoying your gp can help with.

buy a walking stick if you think it will help.

i bought a cheap one from the local chemist and it not only helped keep me upright, it also signalled to other people that i might not be able to move quickly.

drivers were more polite when i was crossing the road, for example.

good luck

carole x

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