Question about results

Well, the good feeling about the clear MRI hasn’t lasted long. GP had said it was clear with no evidence of demyelination, just some incidental findings that wouldn’t explain what was wrong, but that I need to have chat with neuro about it.

Finally had chance to phone neuro’s secretary. I’ve a referral for nerve conduction tests, which I’m assuming is to see if I have a peripheral problem as it’s not central (tell me if I’m wrong - I’ve banned myself from google), although as I now only have some pins and needles left, I’m not sure what it will find.

Neurologist is also taking MRI findings to a meeting with some radiologists to discuss the findings. Is this normal for a clear MRI? It’s making me feel a little wobbly inside just now, and I don’t want to worry if there’s no need (if that makes sense!).

No mention was made of an LP, so can I make the leap to MS being off the table?

Sorry, I realise that most of those questions can’t be answered, but I have to ask!



Hi Paula, you have`t said what your symptoms are, but seeing a neuro will give you the opportunity to ask him/her all your questions.

As for your neuro taking your MRI results to discuss them with the radiologists …could just be to get a second opinion…I woudnt worry too much about that…but do ask.

At this point, try not to think MS either in or out of the equation. Leave it up to the specialists.


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Thanks Poll

symptoms are in a couple of previous posts. I’m pretty much symptom free now, apart from my mind not being quite as sharp as it was, I have a dislike of certain noises (eg dishwasher being unloaded), although this is nothing like the pain I was experiencing with them previously, and my muscles fatigue quickly - it’s like I’m super unfit, but I know I’m not.

I’m back to my unworried self again now. MRI business caught me a bit off guard as my GP had had a peak at the report and told me that there was no evidence of dymelinating disease, and nothing showing that could explain my symptoms.

Symptoms started with tripping up in August (right leg). This was followed by numbness in my right toes, walking on broken glass sensation in ball of right foot, blood turning to ice in right foot, which moved up my leg to knee level. Had to wait until November to see neuro. During exam discovered that I have very weak grip in my hands, reduced reflex in right knee, and very weak right hip flexors. Also couldn’t heel toe walk without falling over.

Neuro said I had very confusing range of symptoms, some pointing to central problems and others to peripheral problems.

Shortly after seeing him, life went to hell, and everything flared up again, along with unbelievable fatigue, cognitive issues and the most horrible sensation of someone stabbing me in the head when ever there was a loud noise. Sudden loud noises would make me jump out of my skin and scream too. My kids found it really amusing!

Figuring out if it’s central or peripheral is the first step in finding out what is wrong. I just need to know what it is, so I can do something to help myself. I have a really stressful job, and I’m not sure if the stress is adding to the problems. I’ve had similar episodes in previous years, which gps have always explained away as ‘post viral fatigue’ or ‘a virus you must have picked up from the kids’ or, my personal favourite, ‘you must be depressed. Are you sure that there’s nothing in your life making you unhappy?’ Only my lazy, not listening to me, GP! Have nice new one now :slight_smile: