MRI results...

So i just got a call from my GPs receptionist. My MRI of lower spine and head was “normal”. GP says to see how i get on with physio now. i should be jumping for joy that my scan is normal only i physically can’t and i am also devastated that i still don’t have any answers. i have requested a copy of the full scan report and asked to see the GP again. I haven’t heard anything from the neuro who referred me for the scan.

Sorry you didn’t get any black and white answers from the MRI. I think you should enquire about seeing the neuro again, they need to explain your results and keep on looking. I hope the Physio helps you get back to jumping soon :slight_smile: Laura x

Can totally empathise. My scan was clear too and although I should have been happy I was also devastated I had no answers. I haven’t seen the report just got told it was clear wouldn’t know how to get a copy. I do have a follow up with neuro though to see what next Ax

Thanks Laura!! Here’s hoping!! Arwen that is exactly how i feel. Ask your GP or neuros secretary for a copy… might be an interesting read xx

This is exactly what I’m dreading birdlady. I’ve had episodes of symptoms for the last two and a half years. I’ve seen 3 MS specialists and a general neuro (My first MS specialist was terrible, then saw general neuro who thought MS, then MS specialist who then left and then now new MS specialist). To cut a long storu short I’ve had enough going from pillar to post with no help. My MRI showed non-specific white spots which can be age related / vit deficiencies some even class as norm etc but in light of on-going neuro symptoms can also be the start of MS according to neuro. I’ve got repeat MRI, LP, EVP due in just under two weeks and my biggest fear is everything coming back normal and being left to struggle the next time I have an episode of symptoms.

I feel for you - you just want to have a name for it so you can reassure yourself it’s all real, get help and try and get better or stop things getting worse. I would definitely chase up neuro review.

Good luck with your journey.