MRI tomorrow...

Hi all…

Well, tomorrow is MRI day, in for head and spinal cervial scans…

Nervous of being in a small space and naturally with hearing anything they ‘may’ or ‘may not find’, but that’s natural…

Still, feeling terrible and have slept alot today and have head pains today :frowning: . Plus, this body of mine has started getting an odd clicky nosie from my neck…and my left foot has gone into 3 spasms today , lol just more things to add to my list…

Anyway, I also wanted to say Happy Christmas x

Kim x

Hey Kim,

Good luck. The MRIs aren’t so bad, just loud and hurts your head a bit by the end. It sounds a bit like a 90’s rave. I just try and think of something nice. I think of my daughter and that makes me smile. :slight_smile:

Have a good Christmas.

Adrian x

I hope it goes well - they won’t tell you anything but you can buy a copy of the scan if you want. Merry Christmas to you too. Karen x PS MRI is completely safe: just very boring and very noisy!

Thanks Adrian and Karen

Oh , well thanks for the info Karen,didn’t know I can buy a picture of the scan, I will do that , lol.

I figured more waiting after scan , still not going to let anything spoil Christmas and if I fall asleep least I can blame eating to much and may the extra glass of mulled wine, lol.

Going to close my eyes before they slide me in to scanner, try and think of laying on a sunlounger in the sun, that’s the bit im dreading as I do suffer from aniexty attacks, fingers crossed, Im all nice and calm right now and feel better after sleeping loads during the day yesterday and a good nights sleep with only 1 trip to the loo :slight_smile:

Well, let you know how it goes

Kim xx

Hi Kim,

Dont worry MRI’s arent that bad. I habve really bad IBS and the thought of being stuck in a tube for 30 mins was terrifying. They should give you a panic button so if it does get too much they will pull you out. Close your eyes, monitor your breathing and it will be ok. The last one I had i actually got the giggles as the loud noises seemed to be playing a little tune!!

Have a lovely Christmas

Em xxx

Hi all

Sorry for delay in responding …bit busy on Friday and yesterday I felt so bad , it was a sofa and nodded off to sleep day on and off all day , due to horrible head…slept most the day and had a good 9 hr sleep last night, guess what today Im still tired but have tired to fight it as had a few things to do for christmas…

It went better than I thought, once in the room as soon as i laid down I shut my eyes and thats how i stayed… never moved but to have a slow swallow…then let out and had to been moved to get ready for the spinal cervial, again, laid down and shut my eyes and held the panic button… She reckon that it’ll be a week maybe a few days longer due to Christmas before I hear for a return appointment to see Neurologist.

Happy Christmas once again to all

Kim xx