MRI of head done !

Hi All,

Ive had my head MRI done today, went fine. Its the 2nd one I’ve had done. Had cervical MRI in December ( just found normal wear and tear, which was expected.)Can’t say going into the scanner is exactly relaxing, I’m a bit claustrophobic(sp?), but just though nice thoughts and before I knew it, it was done. I had to laugh really, when I went in they said initially I could have headphones on with the radio, but the headphones were so enormous couldn’t fit into the head piece, was quite comical, like a comedy sketch, so just had foam plugs. Had 1st MRI in really big hospital, this one at local one, and what a constrast.

I asked if I could have a copy of the scan, she said have to talk to neuro abt that, so I definately won’t be getting a copy then. Now he was the 2nd neuro I had seen, 1st one complete disaster, the 2nd one was at same hospital, also a complete waste of time, just kept referring to the 1st neuro’s notes, then patronising me abt my IBS when I was thinking he was a neuro lolol. The letter he sent to my GP was a joke. He agreed to do an MRI of my head to ‘tick a box’ ! And said we won’t find anything coz nothings wrong !! ( Not that im wanting MS, just to know whats wrong.) So haven’t got another appt with neuro, MRI results going back to GP I’m presuming, after neuro’s seen them.

As many of you who are fellow ’ limbolanders’, the symptoms are so frustrating to manage, and not knowing makes me want to bang my head against the wall at times. I know many of you understand these feelings. Oh well just a waiting game now.

Thanx for listening to my wafflings :slight_smile:


I hope you get some answers soon. As you say, frustrating that they don’t actually seem to know how to treat the symptoms - to me it seems such a random illness, so many differing symptoms, in different parts of the body!

Hi Jeanett, the staying still bit in the mri is difficult but important. l think they had radio two playing when had mine. (eek). l nearly fell asleep even if it was a bit noisy. Your neuro appt s sound quite daunting. Like you l. had a similar result with my first neuro, but things have got so bad now they have to take notice. Maybe they say things are normal because its easier, and ms is so hard to dx. l have another appt now with an ms specialist . maybe l will a get propper dx then. As the saying goes you have to be a patient patient is a good maxim for limbolanders. Good luck on your journey Blossom. Frank.

Hi, Thanx Tricky and Frank for your replies, much appreciated.

You are soo right Tricky such a variety of symptoms in so many different places, does yr head in doesn’t it.

Frank… Im sorry u has such an awful 1st neuro appt also, Good luck with seeing the MS specialist I hope u get some answers :slight_smile: I agree MS, well lotsa neuro/muscular conditions seem very difficult to diagnose.

I lost my only child Dean to a very rare childhood neurological disease 17 yrs ago, he was 13 months old. It took a post mortum to get answers unfortunately. It was a genectic disease, I know I’m a carrier coz saw a geneticist when Dean died ( Dean’s DNA is stored for research purposes). My symptoms are nowhere nr as traumatic and progressive as Dean’s but i suppose it not impossible to show milder symptoms. One day I might have some answers hopefully

Thanx so much for the good wishes and u r so right abt having to be a patient patient lol