MRI Done

Was in the truck again which is more claustrophobic but I'm ok with that. My neuro had actually ordered brain and c spine not just brain. They put head phones on this time with radio 2 playing so I was stuck in the scanner with Ken Bruce for 45 mins. Wow he's dullhappy

All went ok, when I came out some of the pictures were on the screen, he pointed out a few bits on my neck scan (normal stuff) I looked at the brain one but obviously have no idea what I was looking for but I did see 3 white blobs on it. 2 on one side and 1 on the other.

I know its probably meant to be there and I shouldn't have looked so why did I then come home and look for pictures of ms brain scans on t'internet??!!confused

I asked for a copy and they said I could have one (£12) but not until the report is done.

Thanks for all your support.


Hi Nikki!

I am stalking you today! LOL!

Glad it went well.happy2

I had my mri in the truck as well - i was expecting a panic button but didn't get one - that sent me into a panic before they even started!!  She said just shout if you have a problem!scared

I was fine though - the noise reminded me of a washing machine!

Teresa. x


Teresa you can stalk me anytime, it makes me feel special thumbsuphappy

I was given a panic button thing but I didn't need it I was too busy willing Ken Bruce to shut up

Hi nikki,

Glad your MRI scan went ok, and as for the white blobs... I dont think they are supposed to be there, after looking at my scan with the neuro yesterday he went to the trouble of showing me a healthy scan, then mine... ! Oh dear i thought, i suppose I do have MS then. Good luck and I hope your blobs of white are something else, and nothing worse, lets face it there are worse things that could happen, so chin up!

Chelle x

Hi Nikki.. so pleased that it went well for you (apart from Radio 2!). Chill out time for the rest of the day now I hope :D

P xx

Nikki, I also had white blobs on my brain scan.

I was told they were the cause of my problems.  I dont know if you can have white blobs which should be there normally though.

Where's Rizzo?  LOL!!

Don't listen to me - i've already told you i'm a nutter!happy

Teresa. x

Yes Could do with Rizzo I’m just winding myself up now!

Treek like I said to you if your a nutter I’m a psycho lol

Nikki, your very lucky really - it could have been chris evans!


True fluffy or even worse than that.... Chris Moyles!!

I am now convincing myself that the reason I wasn't allowed a copy of the scan there and then was because there was something there. The radiographer (is that what they are called?) started to say I could have a copy on disc and the lady there (nurse? sorry) shook her head and they told me to go and ask in the xray department. When I got there Iasked and the receptionist said oh yes they have just rung and I'm afraid you cant have it until the report is done.

This is all doing my head in, I'm not the most patient person at the best of times!!

Hi fluffy

The only reason you couldn’t have a disk was that you where singing “ferry across the Mersey”

Sang by Fluffy and the pacemakers

Ha, ha LMAO

Mike :-]

Hi Nikki

You ok after you quick spin in the tumble drier?

Mike x. :~}

Hi Nikki,

Glad it all went well for you sorry about having to listening to Ken Bruce though. Wish you well for the results.



Ken Bruce - OMG how awful!

Glad the MRI went OK.

Some white blobs are 'normal' and many non MS people have them. They will be looking at where in particular your blobs are.

When is your follow up appointment?


I’ve tried looking at healthy brain MRIs and all the white blobs on them look symetrical and mine weren’t. I really need to disable google!!!

I don’t have a follow up appointment, the MRI was requested by my eppy neuro so I guess she will send me one at some point. I’m seeing my epilepsy nurse on Tuesday so will see what she says.

I have been awake all night stressing about it!