MRI done phew!

Just posting really for those that like me are totally claustophobic and dread MRI’s . Tonight was my 4th, 2 many years ago for something totally unrelated… I think! but with the dreaded head cage on, thats the bit I cant cope with. The third was this January for suspected MS, doctors words, not mine, so tonights was full spine and head and I was dreading it as I am so claustrophobic.

Tonight was a totally different experience, I was terrified beforehand but actually felt calm during it, thanks to the wonderful nurses and although it was almost 50 mins it was absolutely fine I kept my eyes shut throughout, counted the seconds as despite the noise I could hear what I thought was a clock ticking and the MRI nurse was brilliant, she talked to me, let me know what was going on, how long the next scan would be etc etc, and pulled me out after my lower and cervical spine had been done to then put the dreaded cage on my head for the head scan. This is the bit I dont like, it makes me feel trapped but just taking the time to let me know what was going on made me feel so much better.

On the way to the mobile scanner I said to the nurse that I was terrified and I knew it was daft but I would rather have a tooth out than the scan lol. We laughed but she reassured me and said loads of people were the same, making me feel better. I have so much praise for Salford Royal, I feel extremely lucky to be under their care.

So now thats over, Im now joining limboland whilst I wait for the results.

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So glad it went ok, Salford Royal really are the best. I had my last scan on 16 Jan and the results were back last week. I am seeing my neuro next week to discuss potential treatment options.

Not a place any of us want to be but its helps being looked after by a great care team. Have you been allocated an MS nurse yet?

Good luck


Thank you Alberito.

Im just at the beginning of the journey, had an MRI in December of my cervical spine for what was thought to be a trapped nerve, it wasnt then seen a Neurosurgeon?? then a Neurologist who asked for bloods to be done and the full spine and head MRI last night, so no diagnosis yet so I havent been assigned to a MS nurse.

Salford Royal have been excellent, my experience last night was so much better than previous purely because the Nurses were compassionate and understanding. I wont be scared if I have to have another

Wishing you all the best too

Louise x


i have nothing but praise for salford royal

i have just spent 3 weeks there, and numerous mri scans the nurses was great

before that i had mri at the mobile scanner unit, horrible experience



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So pleased you’re scan went ok. I hope you get some answers soon. Keep us posted

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I bet your so relieved that’s over with now it’s just waiting for the results and the appointment.


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Really glad the scan was easier and not as scary as you thought. That will be useful info to share with other nervous people.

Maybe soon you’ll need to have your user name changed to ‘BraveandFearless111’?


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Hi Paddy,

Sorry to hear you’ve been in hospital, really hope your ok!

The scan I had was in a mobile unit too, hid somewhere in the middle of Salford Royal but I got a glimpse of the lady already in there whilst I was waiting and there seemed a bit more room than I remembered. I did feel it bounce a bit during one part of the scan, that was a bit eeeeek

Wishing you all the best


Thank you Befuddled, Ive felt pretty yuk today, lightheaded etc but Im hoping its just stress as I dont often outwardly show it, it seems to manifest inside lol.

Take care

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Ha ha hey you never know! I like BraveandFearless111 heres hoping!

Thanks so much Sue.

Take care


Hi Kay

I actually felt a bit silly when it was over as it wasn’t a bad experience at all, so much better than last time when they just put the cage on and whizzed me in despite saying I wouldn’t need the cage. My heart was working pretty well that day!! It is a relief its all done now though but I am feeling a bit apprehensive about the results.

Take Care


hi louise

very nice to meet you

the trouble i had,with the mobile scanner, is that i am in a wheelchair,and cant walk

so they had to get me up and half drag me,through the small door to the scanner

2 men and a 6ft 2" 14 stone bloke trying to squeeze through a small gap



Hi Pat

When you’re a wheelchair user, they can’t take your own wheelchair into the room where the scanner is. But they always have a chair that you can transfer into that is made of a different metal, so doesn’t affect the machine. Every time I have an MRI, I have to swap from my own chair into theirs and then onto the MRI bed. It seems utterly ridiculous, for a few metres. But it seems that it’s necessary.

But making you walk, when you essentially can’t, is unnecessary.

If I were in that situation, there is no way I’d allow 2 people to haul me through to the scanner.