Results coming in.

Super nervous!!! Got an email back from my neurologist to say that letter going out today with my results from my mri. I am absolutely bricking it. Checking my emails like every 2 mins. Terrified that docs are right and I have ms.

Don’t know what to think. They have said I will get an email copy of the letter today.

Wish me luck all.

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Wishing you all the luck in the world xx

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Thank you xx

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Oh how irritating Suzy.

Why couldn’t the neurologist have just emailed you the letter rather than saying ‘your in box is soon to contain information that’s really important to you…and I’m not even giving you the littlest clue as to which way the coin will have dropped!’

I really hope you’re not kept waiting too long. If it gets too much for you, try phoning your neurologists secretary and ask him/her to send the :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: letter!


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I know. It’s shocking sue. I am on edge every time I see an email come in honestly. If I don’t hear back soon am phoning

:crossed_fingers: Good luck

Hi suzy16.

How are you? Have you had your email. Hope your ok. I get my MRI results tomorrow. It’s a stressful time

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Hi Suzy,
Must admit, I think this is appalling.
To be given really important, what could be life changing, results by letter and email is just wrong.

Even if you can’t go into a hospital to have a face to face meeting. Surely you can have a telephone conversation.

The letter and email will throw up lots of questions that you won’t be able to get answers for.

I presume you have symptoms of MS.
Positive result - what happens next? DMD?
Negative result - what’s causing the symptoms?

Just hope you get the email soon then at least you get an answer and can contact medics.
I’d book a Dr appointment tomorrow. So at least you can talk to someone and get referred to a neurologist if needed.

Let us know.
Good luck and a huge hug.

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Hello. Yes they said no evidence of ms found. Am fed up. Back to square on again. Suggesting neuropathy now x


Thanks or replying.

Good that you don’t have MS.
This club is not one anyone wanted to join.

Just hope you find out what’s causing your symptoms and get some treatment.

Take care.

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Thanks Jen. I am doubting the results to be honest. It’s not that I want it. I want answers. Nothing is making sense just now

Thanks. It’s just not fair just now

I think it would be worth applying for a copy of the radiographer’s report and a copy of the MRI scan on disk so you have it for your records. You have to request them in writing or by email - usually a bit of a formal request procedure and id hoops to clear due to data protection.

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Let me know how you get on with yours pleaee. Fingers crossed for you

I don’t envy you the wait. I also received my diagnosis by letter, with a follow up f2f appointment (pre-covid days!) about 2 months later! It is a disgusting way to treat already anxious patients, receiving a potential dx should always be in person not by an impersonal piece of post.

In my case, I wasn’t worrying about waiting for a letter because I was convinced the tests either wouldn’t show anything or be inconclusive, so it was more of a shock to received a dx of MS because I wasn’t expecting it.

I really hope you hear soon, one way or the other.

Kind thoughts