Seeing Neuro in a fortnight, scared

Hello all, first time I have been on here for a while. I was told at the end of April that I more that likely have MS after one “episode” that landed me in hospital for three days being tested for all and sundry. I did not loose any mobility just had a wierd thing going on with my face like bells paulsy. Anyway, lumbar puncture, bloods, full MRI later Neuro suspect MS, however, he did say it is very mild and reffering me to Addenbrokes MS clinic for second opinion from his colleauges there and maybe start treatment. I am really nervous about this now, it’s been a hell of a roller coaster this last three months and I have laughed, cried, paniced, felt sorry for myself, cried some more, gone in to total denial about it all and even though I know that it could be MS I’m now constently thinking about friday weeks appointment. Did anyone else go through this? silly thing is I feel better now that I have done in years, think the 6 weeks off work, good rest, less stress did me the world of good which is why I am finding SO hard to accept, not only that my GP said that I would have to have three clinical episodes to get 100% DX. Sorry for running on, it just helps to get it off my chest :slight_smile: thanks everyone, Best wishes to you all, Caz - 37

Hi Caz,

Your GP is wrong, two clinical episodes can be sufficient. they have to be separated in time, and an MRI and a Lumbar Puncture may be involved but you can get a formal Dx of MS without either of the last two.

What you have to do is to think about what happens if you get told that it is MS. If you drive, then you must inform DVLA at Swansa, and your Insurance Co. You should check any life insurance for the words “Critical illness cover” and read very carefully what comes next. Nothing else will change.

You will remain you. You may want to stay at work - do so. Just make sure that the Boss or HR are aware of the Dx to protect your rights in the future. If there are things that you want to do - go ahead and do them now.

Just remember one thing - this is one place where you can come to let off steam anytime you want to. Tell us you are scared and someone (lots of someones) will be here for you. Ask a question and someone will have the answer. And in a few months you could be the one offering some comfort to someone else.


Hi Geoff, thank you so much for your reply. I know in my heart of hearts that I probably will have the DX that I am dreading but that’s just it, it’s the final “yes you have MS” and coming to terms with it instead of living with the hope that they may have got it wrong. Thanks also for the links, everyone on the forums have been a fantastic help and I will continue to visit and ask and get advice. Many thanks again, kindest regards, Caz