Advice please

Hi everyone ,

I have just joined and would be really grateful if anyone has advice for me. I have had an MRI of the brain and it was clear . I have an appointment to see the neurologist mid November.

I lost my balance the other day and it shook my confidence , I phoned the doctor to let her know and she asked me to go and see her. When I arrived she said she wanted to admit me to hospital and asked my thoughts.

I really didn’t want to go in so she said that if anything else occurs to let her know and she will get me admitted.

My question is should I have gone in? I am worried, she believes all the symptoms are pointing towards MS . Am I making it worse by not taking her advice ?

Really grateful for any advice :slight_smile:

I’ve not been diagnosed with MS but feel i can reply by saying, yes, do as your doc advises and get to the bottom of your symptom.

Thank you Annlou much appreciated

Hi Dorry.

When did you have the mri scan that came back clear ? You say you are seeing your neuro doc mid November which is only a couple of weeks away . If i was you id keep a diary of anything strange that happens between now and then and tell your neuro doc about it when you see him in clinic .

I personally dont see the point in booking into hospital they will do checks on you which is all good and well , but there is only one person who can tell you if yoy have ms and thats the neuro doc .

You will need to have an mri scan of your brain and usually your spine to check for lesions , and a lumbar puncture to check for o bands ,blood tests ,it takes all sorts of tests for the neuro doc to conclude and diagnose ms . He will look for a history of previous attacks lasting longer than 24hrs .

Your GP is acting in good faith , but cant tell you he/she thinks you have ms when you have already been cleared once , sorry only one person can tell you yove got it .

I hope you get given the all clear mid Nov too and any problems you have clear up .

Best Wishes Iain .

Thank you Iain, I really appreciate you taking time to answer. I agree the appointment is only a couple of weeks away and I will keep a diary .

I have had an MRI of the brain which was clear about a month ago although they now want one of the spine. I do think the doctor is acting in good faith but I don’t think two weeks will do any harm .

Thank you once again you have put my mind at rest

Best wishes