honesty opinions please.

Hi all. I’m 34 and for the last 7 years around about) I have had ‘symptoms’ i had an mri 5 year ago which came back clear and the next appointment with my gp I was told there is absolutely nothing wrong with me I am basically imagining it. I felt so embarrassed I never brought up my ‘symptoms’ again. Although they never went away. I always get them around seasons changes mainly april/may and August time. This time though it’s becoming unbearable. More constant and seems to last longer than previous years which is why I’m here for advice. I don’t use Google but I will admit I did 5 year ago. I’m only 10% convinced I have ms due to the clear mri scan but I’m 95 % sure that most of my symptoms are matching the ms symptoms. I’m confused and don’t want to go to my gp again for fear of being made to look a fool again but my leg has given way twice at work today. I work with hot food it’s a recipe for a dangerous sitution. (Excuse the pun) Symptoms - brain/face zaps Numbness down left side Feels like im wearing a really tight knee sock Tingling Something crawling on my arms (both) Debilitating fatigue Sore behind eyes and twitching Body jolts or spasm but I describe it as jolt Weakness Pain in shoulder and arm (although it could be my mattress needs replacing because had this for weeks) Leg giving way Feel drunk (dizzy, lightheaded) Lose grip Very ‘clumsy’ These are not all at the same time All my bloods are fine I have no deficiency as they are regularly checked due to my hypothyroidism I don’t know what I’m expecting in terms of replies I’m just confused. Thanks


Honestly? You already know what the answer is. You will need to face your GP again. And describe your symptoms. Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t MS, but whatever the case, it’s something that’s not right. And after several years of ‘things’ coming and going, you could really do with an answer.

When you say, all your bloods are fine, you may have some blood tests that haven’t been done (vitamins D and B12 can cause neurological like problems).

You should also be aware that sometimes people do have MRIs that seem to be clear and then when redone, there maybe are MS type spots.

At any rate, you should ask your GP to help you to find out what’s wrong. And try to ignore your worry that you’ll look silly. You’re not. No one should have to live with unexplained health problems for years.


Hi! I so feel for you. And in a similar position, although for me its only 2 yrs. I’m feeling really good at the moment so I can put it at the back of my mind, but as it has before I’m kind of waiting for it to come back and bite me. I’ve had clear brain mri too, clear nerve cond., all negative apart from the last vitD was low but was just told its normal this time of year… You know you’re not imagining it, as hard as it is, keep pushing, with new doctors if you can…

hi salty pie

you should tell your doctor that something is definitely wrong with you.

don’t mention ms because they like to be the one who names it (!!)

just say that it is ruining your quality of life.

insist on seeing a specialist.

fight your corner because this is your life.

if he/she refuses then make a complaint or see a different doctor.

good luck

carole x

Hi. Thank you for replying. My B12 are fine because the doctor thinks me being vegetarian and not getting enougho B12 from meat is affecting me so that gets mentioned every time i get thyroid results yet every test it comes back fine. I have a new doctor because my old doctor had me on a conconcoction of zombie drugs for my moods and by chance I got an appointment with this new doctor last year who joined the surgery and first thing she did was check thyroid and it was ridiculously low levels. A year later I’m off all zombie drugs and just take my levothyroxine. I’m just worried about being made to look like I’m looking for problems and I’m most definitely not. I’m a single parent and the LAST thing I want is to be ill and lose my job over being seen as a risk.I’m going tomorrow for latest blood results tomorrow I will try and pluck up the courage to mention it. Thank you everyone x

Its awful that you cant go to see your GP without having this fear of not being believed.

But, as others say, you will have to go.

This new doctor? Is he/she a different one to the one who made you feel like you were making it up?

If so, then that`s great. If it isnt, could you ask to see a different doctor?

Your surgery would be unethical if they refuse to listen and act on your problems.

If you get bad treatment again, think about reporting them to PALS, although I know that wouldnt be easy chuck.


I have been to the doctors today and they are putting in a refferal to neurologist.

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Good, well done. It’s as well to face the monster. And having all the relevant tests will either confirm something, or put your kind at rest.


I have to update this thread. Today is the first full day since about 3 week before I wrote this post that I can walk. I mean actually walk without a ‘limp’ I am soo happy! I think I am invincible now!! Question? Is this normal? I have received a letter confirming my referral to the neurologist I just have to wait for the appointment. I can honesty say I never thought this ‘episode’ would ever end. But it did and I have just been showing off my walking skills to my 10 yr old ha ha.

Hi Saltypie So pleased your symptoms are easing. I’m like you a single mum and worried stiff over what is causing my problems. Also like you I worried that my gp

would say nothing was wrong. I’ve been in over the years with episodes of fatigue and have got a similar reaction to yours. Now I’m wondering if they are all related as at times I did fall and mix my words up then.

Yeah it is definitely worrying. I have been reading through these forum topics a lot this last few weeks looking for signs of other things it could be and I have read quite a few post where something has been mentioned and I think maybe it could be that? Forgot what most of them they are and which topic I saw them though lol. But it definitely gives me some positive thoughts that I am fixable. This last few weeks has most definitely been a struggle! I’m just glad I can actually walk properly now. I’m not 100%. My knee feels like it’s floating and not locked in place. Think I may have damaged it with my funny walking ways lol but I’m just grateful that it seems to be over and I can get back to being mum again!