Two clear mri scans but still sure it's MS


im getting myself all worked up and worrying about having MS. I’m hoping someone could reassure or lend some advice on my situation.

A bit of back ground. I started getting tingling in my hands and feet around 5 years ago. I had a brain Mri and seen by a neurologist who said it was Ms and it will go eventually.

5 years on and I still have the tingling in hands and feet but now seem to be getting it more in my legs. I get weird stingy sensations all over my body and I’m pretty sure I have very slight numbness in my left cheek, if I scratch the left side of my cheek it’s not as sharp as my right. I’ve also been getting tired muscles in my arms and back even after doing little work.

I went to my gp who suggested doing another Mri on my brain, I’ve had this done and it’s come back clear. I questioned the Dr who I saw after the scan (done privately) and he was pretty sure it wasn’t Ms.

i wish I could be happy and relived by this but I’m just not, I can’t comprehend why I’m getting all these symptoms like Ms with no other cause!

ive had routine bloods done and a check for RA. Should I be asking for a spinal Mri? Is it likely something was missed on my brain scan or I only have lesions on the spine? Should I just try and accept that it’s not Ms? But what else could it be. I really need answers as I’m driving myself crazy. Anxiety has been mentioned but surely I wouldn’t have constant tingling etc for 5 odd years??

my mum has Ms and I’ve seen how it’s tore my family and her marriage apart, I’m really scared that’s it’s Ms. :frowning:

Hi, you’re obviously still worried, so why not go to your GP? The symptoms you’ve explained could be any number of other complaints, not always MS…but it’s also quite possible to have MS & still have a clear MRI.

If it were me I would be back to the GP to ask for more tests. Being worried, as you are, won’t help your symptoms.

Good luck


I had the same sort of experience as it took 3yrs. However, I also had a disc bulge in my neck which causes my tingling in My legs and feet and my face, not so much my fingers or arms which is what they always ask!

I also had a lesion next to the disc bulge so it is a never ending question if it’s my disc or my Ms. Never easy to figure out which it is. Maybe you need to see an orthopaedic surgeon and have a spinal MRI just to get another answer. I know that this can take months and the anxiety just gets worse but just relax and think, it’s only tingling(no matter how annoying) nothing really bad is happening, and enjoy the good days and try to get over the bad days. I am sure things will get better in the future

I am booking into see her on Friday as I just can’t shake the feeling off.

What other tests should I be asking for? Do you know what other types of conditions cause these symptoms?

Gut feeling … Not MS . Maybe functional ? I’d go back to your gp and get referred to a neurologist .