Had my MRI today

Well thats another box ticked had a weighted diffusion brain scan, head scan and neck scan this morning

i’m wondering how i will get the results, because upon reading the neurologists letter more carefully, (he’s a parkinsons specialist not MS) he has discharged me.

i felt kinda dismissed at my appointment with him, he didnt seem at all interested about my symptoms.

im still experiencing what ive been told is MS hug, still numb but not (tingly) all over and has now spread to my feet and legs, so… it doesnt feel like its my legs anymore when i walk.

my balance is getting worse too. feels like the earth moves almost like an earthquake trying to make me wobble or fall sideways

very hard to describe to be honest.

i’m beginning to get a bit worried now because it seems like im getting this “buzzing” rush through my body at times, im not an impatient person but surely they cant just leave me with a numb body? ive been like this and getting worse day by day since last november which is when the tingling started.

sorry to rant but i feel so exhausted with it all i really don’t know what to do next! i have made an appointment to see my GP next wednesday, should i ask him outright what the hell is going on?

Hi Laine

How odd. Sending you for an MRI and simultaneously discharging you!

Yes, definitely ask your GP what is going on. Your GP may get the results of the MRI, but a GP isn’t trained to read an MRI. Nor could they diagnose MS, if indeed that is what you have.

It sounds like your GP should refer you to a different neurologist. Is there an MS specialist in your area? Is the Parkinson’s neuro the only neurologist? Is there another neurologist even if there’s not an MS specialist? And don’t forget, your symptoms may not indicate MS at all, there are many other disorders and diseases which share symptoms with MS.

Oh I do feel for you. It’s kind of impossible to know what to suggest, apart from talk to your GP. And at least you have that appointment in hand. It might be worth writing yourself a few notes as to what has happened, what concerns and questions you have, and of course if you have a discharge letter from the neurologist, take that too. Don’t forget, your GP may know a lot about MS, but equally, they might have only a general idea.

Best of luck.


Thanks sue for replying

yes i do understand it may not be MS and yes there is an MS specialist in my area but i think because my gp said “urgent” they got me in with whoever was available the quickest?

i think what threw me most is the neurologist i saw said i had been misdiagnosed with adhesive arachnoiditis in 1994, no explanation though.

it just seemed he wasnt really interested in listening to my list of symptoms even though he asked what symptoms i am experiencing.

after i had the scan on sunday they were lovely, was a long scan (about an hour) she said you’ll have answers soon dont worry. i know we shouldnt read into anything but made me wonder if something was “seen”.

in the meantime i feel really down, deflated, exasperated at being left numb all over and “dismissed”.

i still have the list i wrote especially for the neurologist so i shall be taking that along with me to my gp appt next week, and will also tell him after i got to point 3 the neurologist simply said yes ok lets examine you. almost like a “shut up”

i dont like being made to feel the way i felt that day… its made me feel im worthless and i shouldnt bother people.

That’s crap Lynette, I’m not at all surprised it’s made you feel lousy.

Try to hold onto the fact that eventually you will see someone who listens to you, takes you seriously and gives you appropriate support.