Symptoms, recent MRI

Hi, I have been having some MS symptoms for about 2 months. When it first started the first week or so was worse but it seems to be going now. I first felt tingling all down one side of my body- like someone had drawn a line completely in half. I had tingling legs and arms and my face especially went on off tingly including half of my tongue! Extremely fatigue, heavy legs, weak knees to the point I thought they would give way at any point but they never did, feels like I’m walking on an uneven surface and I’m more aware of it. My legs sometimes complete tense up feels like the day after a really hard work out and I find it more difficult to climb stairs. The other day I woke up and felt dizzy, I fell into the wall twice but was unsure if it was because I was really tired! Sometimes I feel fine and then it hits me from nowhere and I feel like I have to stop what I’m doing till it passes. Had B12 checked and it’s all fine. Had slight burry vision on and off in the left side (same side as all my symptoms) and woke up with numbness/tingling in my left leg from waist down but noticed I had not been laying on it. Also my thinking is effected, I could be half way through telling a story to a friend and then all of a sudden I hit a blank! It’s disappeared! So so frustrating and makes me look like an idiot when I can’t think of what happened next, it’s gone! I feel dizzy on and off too. had bloods for diabetes and came back clear. I have just had an MRI yesterday and I’m anxiously waiting for the results, the lady that performed the MRI told me the hospital will call with the results she looked worried. I thought the NHS sent the reports to my GP? Does this sound like MS? Or could it be anxiety related?

Hi Sarah

Well, the symptoms you describe could be ascribed to MS, but the problem with MS is that there are so many different possible symptoms, and many of those are shared with other diagnoses.

So, sadly I think it’s going to be a slightly longer journey than you would prefer. Only a neurologist can diagnose MS, and it sounds like you’ve been sent for the MRI by your GP rather than a neurologist. The radiologist can’t diagnose you so when when you were told the hospital would call with the result, I doubt that she was aware exactly who had ordered the scan.

I would suggest that you see your GP and request a referral to a neurologist regardless of what the GP thinks about your MRI. That’s if the doctor doesn’t suggest it first.

Meanwhile, try not to worry about it. Easier said than done I know. But it does you no good to worry.


Hi Sarah,

You say that “the lady that performed the MRI … looked worried”.

The technicians who operate the MRI do not interpret the scans. These are read by a neurologist often with a neuro-radiologist. Together they discuss the images and form an opinion about what the scans indicate.

If your MRI operator looked worried it wasn’t because of anything on your scans. They probably had lost their car keys.



Oh, I didn’t know that. Maybe I miss read her expression lol