Pre-diagnosis awaiting MRI

Hi, I hope some of may be able to offer some advise/experience here. I will summarise symptoms as know hard for some reading long posts:

Onset symptoms:

*Double vision, one episode lasting minutes, checked out by optician all ok

*Short of breath, gasping for a breath at times




*Poor concentration, forgetful

*Lacking focus when looking at writing

Went to GP, bloods done quickly, ferritin and folic acid low, finished first course of iron tablets now

Current Symptoms:

*Vertigo to the point of holding on to things as feel could pass out

  • Poor spacial awareness (i.e when driving lacking confidence in parking, misjudging doorways when walking

  • Leg pain, especially knees, unable to sleep with pain

  • Severe pain in right side under ribs, this may be unrelated as previous gallstone issues

  • Diarrhoea after eating on a number of occasions

*Feeling at night of hand and feet haven’t been in snow/ice then thawing (if that makes sense)

*Sensation of drip running down legs but nothing there

*Exhaustion, today body leaves like lead trying to do anything

*Poor sleep

Tests Done:

*GP consulted with neurologist and he/she requested blood test for rare neurological condition to be ruled out before MRI, awaiting results of this and celiac test

*Thyroid, hormones, kidneys, B12 all ok

I should add that i was diagnosed with ME twenty years ago and was bad for about 5-10 years but would have considered myself well again just sleep affected, tire easier than normal and immune system not 100%, however i worked full time with additional hours, volunteered, was very active running, gym etc and managed a house with two young children. I am now at the point of wondering is this a relapse of ME, a new onset of MS (perhaps the previous diagnosis was inaccurate as no MRI was done at the time), or a combination of issues. Sorry for the long post, anyone experience anything similar or have any advise?

Morning Rosie, can I mention something. when you write could you make clear paragraphs please I find it hard to read a lot of block text and I know several of us are the same. thank you.

I am not a doctor so cannot really say what is wrong. Your symptoms dont scream MS to me, but yes could be M.E. You can go into a remission which can trigger again.

as you know M.E. can cause shortness of breath, and palpitations.

I think i would wait for your test results for now and see what happens, as i am sure if they are negative you will have to get an MRI. it can be a long process for diagnosis.

in the meantime rest, pace, and eat well. Your being taken seriously so that is a good thing. xxx

p.s. trouble is a lot M.E. symptoms are the same as MS, lupus and RA.

Could your issues be gastrointestinal? Inflammation in the body can cause fatigue, could the inflammation be in your bowel? You mention diarrhoea and low iron as well as fatigue, and pain on your right side. Where exactly is the pain?

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The pain is in my right side under rib but is unrelated according to GP today, I have an ultrasound scan to check for gallstones. I have my MRI tomorrow got a cancellation so will hopefully know more soon. I also edited the original post to make it easier to read. Thanks for the replies