Await MRI

Hi all, brand new to this forum, hope you can help. I have been having some varied symptoms for the last few weeks, and they have me worried. I

I get calf and foot cramp every day, worse at night (more annoying than painful). I recently was treated for vertigo, with associated nausea (Prochlorperazine). Whilst the vertigo is less acute, it still comes and goes and I feel off balance at times. I keep getting a twitch on my left cheek, and I have really painful hands and feet, pins and needles in my big toe. I am so tired, but that’s nothing really new! Another thing worrying me is a feeling of shaking/trembling on waking. My husband assures me that I’m not physically shaking but it feels intense to me and lasts no more than 30 seconds when it occurs (off and on) My main complaint though, is a cloudiness in my right eye that has been there for a few weeks (started just before the vertigo). GP sent me to the optician who said everything was fine with my eyes and to go back to the GP. I feel ‘bug eyed’ and spaced out. I went to see her this morning. The upshot is she’s sending me for an MRI to rule out MS. I thought she might. I am a Staff nurse and was worried about MS myself. I’m hoping obviously that whatever’s going on is not Serious, however I’d like people’s advice as to what you think it could be. Needless to say, you’re all living it and some may/may not have had similar symptoms. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Lisa x

Hi Lisa, and welcome to the site

It’s good to have a proactive GP, but it sounds like your GP is jumping the gun a bit, e.g, have you had a full battery of bloods done? I say this because some vitamin and mineral deficiencies can cause your symptoms (and they are treatable), but also because only a neurologist can rule MS in or out. It is also possible to have an MRI look like MS, but the patient not have it and for an MRI to be clear, but the patient have MS - so what is the GP going to do if either of these happen?

I would urge you to get your bloods done and to ask for a referral to a neuro. A GP should not be investigating MS. (Unless you’re not in the UK? It may be different elsewhere.)

Whatever happens, try not to worry about it. What will be will be - and many of the more serious conditions are not insurmountable on a day to day basis - life can still be good.

Karen x

Thanks for replying Rizzo. Yes, I have had a full set of bloods done- all normal. I plan on asking for a referral to a neurologist, just was a bit taken aback and flustered this morning. Hopefully not have to wait too many weeks for the scan, put my mind at ease. Lisa x