Waiting tests

Hi all, been back and forth to doctors last 7/8 weeks with different symptoms including tremors, dizziness, extreme fatigue, was given 4 different antibiotics as doctors werent sure whats going on.

I then paid privately to see my neurologist who said symptoms were caused by chronic migraines (was diagnosed with these in 2016).

Since then i have developed a jerky movement in my left knee and back to the doctor who tested my reflexes and said they are abnormally overactive.

He has since contacted neurology who have came back to him with the wait and see approach. The doctor wasnt happy with this response, and spoke to me about ruling out ms. He advised me to get my eyes checked as if there’s a problem neurology will have to take action but all came back ok.

I have contacted my doctor about referring me for a private mri as my symptoms are getting worse. Have developed pain in my stomach and stiffness iny jaw.

Any advise or has anyone been in a similar position.

Hi Shane. No - not me. It’s sounds as if you have a good GP! I can’t help on your various symptoms ( haven’t experienced them. Fatigue yes but not extreme and I did have a period of trigeminal neuralgia which was crushingly agonising- like someone drilling direct into nerves down the right side of my jaw) If you are OK with getting a private MRI ( not sure what the costs are) then I would go for it

Hi Hank, thanks for taking the time to reply.
I am my wits end with it all so a private MRI seems the only way to get a diagnosis of some kind so that i know what im dealing with.

My wife thinks im going mad with the array of symptoms i have, i also think i am at times.

Just waiting for the private clinic to confirm a date for the scan, fingers crossed sooner rather than later.

Hello, I hope you are doing well

Hi there - persevere with the MRI, I know it’s bloody frustrating but I was checked for lung cancer, inner ear issues & told my symptoms were more than likely the menopause until 2 years later they came back & told me it suspected MS & then I had to for a lumber puncture (which took the junior doctor 3 attempts before she got the senior doctor in). Just keep on at them. I hope you get the support, care & tests you need x

Hi Ken, thanks appreciate it.