21 y/o student desperate for help- MRI was clear

Hi there. About a year and a half ago, at age 20, I started to to have serious bladder problems, shaking/tremors in my hands, and extreme fatigue. I went to my GP who then sent me to a neurologist. Immediately after I listed my symptoms she said MS, this instantly freaked me to because my grandpa had crippling MS and was in a wheelchair in his 30’s and passed away in his 60’s. I have no idea if genetics plays a role in MS but it is was still scary because my only memories of him where from his final days. She scheduled me for an MRI, and everything came back clear. Now here I am at 21 and my symptoms have unexpectedly and rapidly gotten worse. My feet are freezing, from my feet to my calf I have a tingly feeling, I also get the tingly feeling in my hands, my vision goes extremely blurry/hazy, I still have bladder issues, I also feel a sort of numbness that is difficult to describe, on top of that I have Become extremely depressed and developed severe anxiety,I cry randomly for no reason multiple times a week, and sometimes its just hard to think or get thoughts out of my mind (I don’t know if that makes sense but I don’t know how else to describe it). As I said the symptoms got worse pretty rapidly, his that normal? If my MRI came back clear is it even possible I could still have MS? or could this just be some other random thing? I just really don’t know where to go from here and am overwhelmed with it all. So I would be extremely grateful for any insight, help, guidance, advice, or information. Thank you so much for taking time to read this, and best wishes to you!

You poor thing. Sounds like your really having a tough time at the moment. I also have been having really crap symptoms similar to yours and my mri was also clear a year and half ago. My symptoms have never gone away. My neuro told me ear mri means no MS. I’ve persisted with hassling my GP this past year to be referred to an ms specialist and have an mri repeated as well as other tests. First question is did you have your spine scanned as well as your brain? Just the brain is not sufficient. Secondly, was your neurologist an MS specialist? If not ask your gp to be referred to one that is. If you can afford it another idea is to see a specialist privately. Have you see your neuro since your mri can result? There are also loads of other things it could be other then MS but in understand your fear because I feel it everyday too.

Ear = clear :slight_smile:

I’m in the same boat as you, symptoms have gotten rapidly worse for me but mine are different, I have right sided weakness and numbness absolutely everywhere. These keep getting worse despite my clear MRI, I’m only 22 and worried out of my mind. I cry all of the time too

get your b12 tested, that could be causing your problems xx

see your gp about your symptoms and get it on your medical records.

then when you next speak to your neuro, inform her and she can read your gp’s notes.

you can self refer to the bladder and bowel clinic, they can offer medication for overactive bladder.

i tried two but they made my mouth very dry and now i’m on betmiga (mirabegron) which helps a lot without a dry mouth.

talk to your gp about the anxiety, a mild anti depressant could be just what you need.

B12 and D3 are needed.

if you and your gp agree that you have something neurological then ask for another referral and tell the neuro that you need to know what’s going on.

there are other conditions with similar symptoms.

be kind to your self, duvet days when it’s horrid outside.

good food and good sleep.

when you feel a bit stronger, ask a close friend to meet for a coffee, just a change of scenery helps.

carole x

Hey, I’m new to all this so not in any sort of position to give advice, but get what you’re going through. It’s awful. Youd like to think a clear MRI is a good sign, but again, if I’ve learned anything from this forum its that our bodies can be very unpredictable. Hopefully you can talk to your GP or neuro and get some answers. Sending you happy thoughts :slight_smile:

Hi, Generally, a clear MRI does mean it’s not MS. And if the neurologist is certain, then it probably isn’t. I know that when you have symptoms that are scaring the life out of you, sometimes being told it’s not something doesn’t help much because you are then left in limbo, not knowing what is wrong. Do you have another appointment scheduled with the neurologist? If so, you should make sure you take notes with you of all your symptoms. Include when a given symptom started, whether it entirely cleared up, or stayed with you, and how long it lasted. Try to take someone with you to the appointment, a partner, a good friend or relative. Their job is basically to listen really hard and try to remember what is said. The problem is that when you’re feeling quite stressed, you often leave an appointment not knowing quite what was said or what the next step might be. It’s like the stress shuts your brain down. Try not to worry too much about any genetic propensity for MS. Yes, it’s very slightly more likely that you could get MS if a family member had it but only a bit. Plus, when your grandfather was diagnosed, life was very different. Drug therapies in particular have moved on, so someone diagnosed 40 years ago had a vastly different disease pattern to someone diagnosed today. Best of luck. Sue

Sorry you’re both having to deal with this; I have a brain scan tomorrow AM and am sitting musing with a glass of wine…I saw a lovely neurologist after a long wait of 5 months, but forgot to mention my serious loss of bladder control and a physio’s advice to let him know my balance problems looked like upper neuron stuff. I was told I have migraine, but that the scan is sensible…I’ve never experienced such exhaustion and feeling like my body is falling apart…I also have ice cold feet. + tingling buzzing face and mouth, mixing up words, weak fingers and blurry eyes. It’s not much fun…anyway. I,m drinking a toast to you both,and hope that you both find kind and open minded medics along the way :slight_smile: