So, got my Consultant Appt on Tuesday, any advice please?

As you know I’m desperately hoping for a diagnosis after 2 positive MRI’s (spine and brain) and a positive lumbar puncture and what I think was a second attack 6 weeks after the first.

I have my consultant appointment on Tuesday - shall I just go along and see what he has to say or should I be prepared with any questions or information?

Definitely be prepared with questions, have you thought of how you might react if you have it confirmed as MS. I thought I would be fine but I wasn’t and as soon as my neuro said it was I completely lost everything in my head. If they don’t confirm it as MS then you’ll need to know why, if it is CIS then you may still be eligible for DMDs etc.

I agree: a list of questions is a must.

For example:

  • Is it MS? If yes… DMDs? MS nurse’s details?

  • Is it MS? If no… Why not (exactly versus McDonald criteria)? What else might it be? More tests? Next steps?

  • What can you recommend for symptoms x, y & z? (Ask neuro to put answers in writing to GP - makes things simpler.)

and anything else you want to know.

Try to take someone with you: those extra eyes and ears can come in very handy.

Good luck!

Karen x

Oh thank you! I think it will be far better to go with it written down as you suggest. I was wondering the same re if they don’t say it’s MS what else could it be as they don’t seem to be testing for anything else.

I think I’ve had it all going round in my head for so long, it will seem strange for the day to finally be here! x