Consultant brought appt forward

Hi all,

just after some advice/experiences. I was diagnosed CIS end of Jan following a brain scan showing multiple lesions and a 90% chance of ms within 10yrs. Plan was to see me in 6 months so June/July time. Since then I have had VEPs, LP and spine MRI. I have had the spine result-the report says it is pathognomic for MS ie cannot be anything else. Still awaiting LP result. My symptoms had improved but worsened back to the level they were at their worst at the end of Feb following a tummy bug a few days prior, and I also experienced a new sensation of tingling in my face. So I phoned the ms nursed as was advised to do. She said the worsening symptoms did not count as a relapse as I had had them before and those nerves were already damaged (doesn’t make sense to me but that is by the by). But the facial tingling may represent a relapse so she would write to my consultant to see what he wanted to do. My copy of her letter came last week (took a month!) and the other day I got an appointment for two weeks time with the consultant, Ie brought forward by three months.

Do you think this is just to discuss the LP result? Or is he likely to say he now has enough evidence for a diagnosis? I know you can’t know, but has anyone experienced the cons bringing the appointment forward, and why? Just want to be prepared really!

Thanks in advance


hi sarah

sorry to say that the ways of the NHS are as much a mystery to me as they are to you.

i would prepare for the neuro telling you that you have ms.

in which case he/she should also discuss DMDs with you.

carole x

Thanks Carole, that is what I am expecting. In a way it will be a relief as I feel it is just a time bomb otherwise!

When hard facts are in short supply, we pick the bones out of everything that looks like a clue - of course we do: it’s human nature. As you suggest yourself, we cannot know what (if anything) is the significance of the earlier appointment, and neither can you. Maybe an appointment has become available because another patient has jetted off to Spain unexpectedly; maybe the neurologist’s spouse has cancelled his/her business trip so the neurologist no longer has to look after the children that day and can squeeze in an extra clinic. Or maybe you have reached a significant moment in finding out what is the matter.

Please try to lose as little sleep as possible: it is as it is, and worrying without being able to do anything never got anyone for’arder yet. I hope that you find out more soon.