I was hoping someone can help.

I have received my appointment to see an MS specialist after being referred to them by a general neurologist following lesions showing up on my brain and spine MRI scan. He told me it looks like CIS and being at risk of evolving in to MS. My appointment is the 18th January. A couple of weeks later i received an appointment to see a nurse specialist on the 3rd March (6 weeks later).

I was just wondering if anyone might be able to tell me why i have received this appointment when i have not had my first appointment yet.

Thank you

hi beck

i understand your confusion because most people see their ms nurse when they first see their ms specialist neuro.

however this may be due to DMDs being discussed and i don’t think that CIS warrants a DMD.

you could always ring the secretary and ask.

at least things are moving for you and it’s good to meet your nurse as this person will be your first port of call.

hope this helps

carole xx

Thank you for your response Carole. I am glad things are moving. I last saw the general neurologist in September it feels like ages ago. The annoying thing is that the week after I seen him my symptoms got worse and I am currently off work. I don’t know if what I am going through is a relapse and do I therefore have definite MS. It just keeps going round in my mind. The GP got in touch with the neurologist who suggested steroids which I had and helped with the burning pain in my legs now I am taking amitriptalyn which is helping with the shooting pains in my legs.

Just put the March appointment it in your diary for now. If the MS specialist says you don’t need it when you see her or him in January, than you can let it go in plenty of time for it to be offered to someone else. But such appointments are easier to cancel than they are to make - don’t let it go until you’re sure.


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Hi Beck

I saw my neurologist and had a 90% chance of developing MS, not had a formal diagnosis and due to see him in January but i was put in touch with an MS nurse which was good. I have my diagnosis appointment in January and a further MS nurse visit in February.

I was told it is good to get in the system just in case i need it! Good luck with your appointments.