MS nurse appointment


I have not yet had a diagnoses. I have been referred to a ms specialist neurologist. I have also been referred to the MS nurses. I spoke to one of the nurses today and was told that I would get an appointment with them first and would wait longer to see the neurologist. Does it make any sense to see the MS nurses before a the neirologist and before a diagnosis?

Thanks in advance


No, it makes no sense whatsoever!

It’s probably fair enough if you already have a diagnosis of CIS or transverse myelitis, but if you don’t, I think it sounds very strange. Have you already had an MRI and other tests? If you have, then I guess they may have already decided on MS on paper, but I’ve never heard of anyone seeing an MS nurse before a neuro.

Maybe they do things differently where you are???

Karen x

Just realised that you said “MS specialist neurologist” which suggests that you’ve already seen a neuro? If you have, then it’s more understandable. I would read into it that the appointment with the specialist neuro is more of a rubber stamp than a review, but I could be wrong!


I saw a consultant at a different hospital, had 2 MRI’s and was then sent to this hospital. Here I have seen a registrar but he didnt have the MRI results. Since then a neurologist has seen the MRI results and I have been referred to MS neurologist and MS nurses. I think reading between the lines I obviously have MS, I just want the diagnosis so I know where I am! More importantly I want to find out about any treatment I may be able to get for the symptoms I have.