New Neurologist

Hello everyone! I was looking for some advice and reassurance. I have had MRI scans on my brain, lower back, upper back and spinal cord which all show lesions suggesting MS. I’ve also had evoked potential tests, my GP has given my an appointment with an MS support worker and next week I have an appointment with a new neurologist who is part of the MS Team at the Southern General in Glasgow. Do you think they may still want to do a lumbar puncture? Or are all these other tests evidence enough? I’m tying myself in knots at the thought of this and know that I will become extremely upset, distressed and end up making an exhibition of myself in the hospital because I am a needle phobe when it comes to anything medical or dental which is invasive. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Claire

Hi Claire you do not have to have any test you don’t want. The best an LP can do is slightly speed up a dx of MS - it’s not necessary for one. If you have had at least two separate MS like attacks it shouldn’t be needed anyway if you have evidence from MRIs too. Even if they do suggest it you can always say no - the worst that can result is you may have to wait for another attack before dx (unless you have had two or more already). Hth C

That’s great. Thanks very much! I was worried they’d be disapproving if I were to refuse to have it done or they’d sign me off if I wasn’t going to co-operate with them.You’ve reassured me no end and I’ll be less nervous at meeting the new neurologist next week. Don’t know about you but life seems to be like one big attack just now. Only some days are better than others but you can’t pinpoint exactly what makes an alright day alright and a bad day so bad. Claire xx

Hi Claire, with lesions on the brain and cervical cord alone, you would not need a lumbar puncture for diagnosis. You also wouldnt have been referred to the ms team if there was any doubt about your diagnosis. Please take a look at the nhs nice guidelines for ms. On there it states that a lumbar puncture is only necessary when other tests are inconclusive. Good luck at your appointment!

I’m going to have a look at those guidelines just now. Thank you :smiley: xx