New member, being sent for scans

Hi everyone, I am new to this forum, hope everyone is doing well. I hope it’s ok that I post here, as I am a little ( ok a lot) worried and was hoping for some advice/virtual shoulder! I have been having symptoms probably the last 3 years, but a lot worse for the last couple of months. I had to have a field of vision test as I was getting double vision and they discovered I have a blind spot in 1/4 of my left eye. I’ve had problems going to the toilet, like I am desperate but all I can manage is a dribble, and it takes forever to go, feels like im always sitting on the loo! My latest symptom is worrying me most and that is my legs. I have a horrible heavy feeling, like I’m walking through water and recently been having the most bizarre sensations almost like bumble bees are buzzing inside my legs. I went to the gp today and she did a variety of tests (some unpleasant!) and said I definitely have muscle weakness in both of my legs. She thinks it may be coming from my back and has arranged a second MRI, this time of my spine. So do you think this could be ms? My mum had had ms for 30 years, does that increase my chances of having it? Sorry for rabbiting on, just seemed like the best place to get some help. Thanks in advance J X

Meant to say sorry after my eye exam they are arranging an MRI of the brain x

Your symptoms sound very similar to mine, and I have MS, but everyone is different. Needless to say, you are in the right place in terms of tests etc.

There is a history of autoimmune disorders down my mum’s line - my sis has crohns disease, mum has coeliac disease and nan has autoimmune hepatitis. As many people believe that MS is also autoimmune, I do think that there may be something in that - perhaps a greater chance, like you say.

RE the toilet thing - be careful, drink lots of fluid (I find that when I have a full bladder it comes out a lot better). I’ve been struggling with my bladder for 7 months + now. I’ve had constant bladder infections and now the lining of my bladder is irritated and inflamed which makes me think I have an infection without actually having one. Hence antibiotics cannot do anything, so I’m just having to deal with it. My problems were caused by the fact that I couldn’t get all of my urine out, and when urine stays in there it can cause all sorts of problems.

Avoid citric acid, eat yoghurt and drink cranberry juice and hopefully you can keep your bladder healthy.


Hi J and welcome to the boards. Sorry you have been having such a bad time.

Your symptoms do sound MS-like… but there are many conditions that can cause the same symptoms. Unfortunately nobody on here can tell you if you have MS or not.

Your GP has done exactly the right thing by sending you for an MRI scan of your brain. I would also think you should see a neurologist. Do you have the MRI appointment yet? Might be worth going back to your GP and ask to see a neurologist… or you could wait for the MRI results.

If lesions show on the MRI the GP will refer you to a neuro. If there are not lesions you still might be sent to one, given your symptoms which do sound as if they might be neurological.

You do have a very small higher chance of having MS being that your mother had MS. It’s a bit complicated as it’s not genetic but families with one person with MS do have a slightly higher chance of getting it.

It’s very very hard having to wait for tests and results, but it’s the only thing to do. Try to take it one day at a time. Believe me I know it’s not easy but take heart that your GP has taken your symptoms seriously and you are on the right track towards finding out what is causing your symptoms.

Also, remember that IF you do have MS, it does not mean it will progress in the same way as your mother’s. MS is different for everyone even in the same family.

Take care,

Pat x

Thanks very much for the advice, it is much appreciated. Took my youngest for a hospital appointment and all that walking I’m literally legless now, definitely something not right! Thanks for the advice re cranberry and yoghurt, got them on my shopping list now, doc did check for infection and was clear atm but you never know, prevention better than cure and all that. That’s interesting about the auto immune diseases, my dad has one and also my youngest daughter so a possible connection there. Thanks again for the support, trying not to worry but it’s hard! Hope you are keeping well J X

Great advice from Pat (as ever :-)) so just a hello and welcome from me :slight_smile: I hope you get some answers soon. Karen x

Thanks again everyone :slight_smile:

I’ve got an mri of my eyes and brain on the 25th august, still waiting to hear about the one on my spine (thought they would have done them together?!) But i did get a letter today saying im being reffered to a neurologist so hopefully the ball is rolling in the right direction now.

My legs are getting worse, they feel so heavy and just odd - my husband had to help me into bed the other night as i couldn’t walk on them they felt so strange i was v worried :frowning: