Not really sure what this post is about

Hi, I wrote a post earlier about twitching eyes which I’ve had for around 6 weeks now along with other symptoms that are either new or been around for as long as I can remember and some that are in all honesty probably in my head or imagination.

I have mentioned the twitching to my doctor who is also aware of MS in my family. He has emailed the neurologist asking their advice on if/how to proceed.

I definitely have achey legs in the evenings, have done for as long as I can remember. They don’t hurt, I just can’t get comfortable and take myself off to bed where it goes pretty quickly and I fall asleep just as quick. I’ve always just taken this as my body saying it’s bedtime.

I’ve also had periods of getting cramp in my little toes. A quick stretch and a foot rub from hubby and it’s gone. I did suffer a pain in my arm like a burn that lasted a day and disappeared. I’ve had a few bouts of light headedness and a queasy feeling. I had my left ear syringed and that left me feeling awful for a few hours. I now wonder whether the dizzyness and light headed feeling were to do with the fact I was technically deaf in one ear before and if I don’t eat regularly I do get light headed anyway.

The new (possibly in my head) symptoms are very light pins and needles in my right foot, ankle and calf and a heavy right arm although neither stop me doing anything. The reason I say possibly in my head is I had this about 17 years ago during a very stressful time. I had this bad as I remember and the GP put me on anti depressants. They went pretty quick after along with my morbid, depressing worries. I suppose my life is somewhat stressful with family illness, fnancial issues, stressful job although I don’t actually feel stressed. But that’s the thing with stress, you may not feel it mentally but your body takes the wrap for the things you don’t necessarily feel.

This morning as I woke I felt the beginnings of cramp in my right calf. I quickly moved and stretched the muscle out and managed to avoid it. Sometimes with the twitchy eye I can blink and make it do it. Would I be able to make my eye do it or prevent cramp in the legs with something like MS?

I’m making notes of anything I notice and any contributing factors, time, time of month, etc. I know a lot of you have children here. The thing that plays most heavily on my mind is not my own health or future but the risk that if I did have anything, the chance of it being hereditary.

Sorry, I just felt like I needed to get these thoughts off my chest this morning. It’s surprising how it clears my head a bit to actually get it out there.

Feel free to get your thoughts out and clear your head whenever you want - that’s why the forum’s here! It’s really good that your GP is taking your concerns seriously and asking for advice from a neurologist. MS symptoms vary massively from person to person so it’s very hard to pinpoint that something could be linked to MS, and there are also lots of other reasons for MS-like symptoms (such as vitamin deficiency, thyroid issues and stress/anxiety, which you’ve already mentioned) so please try not to worry unduly at this point. There’s a good chance the symptoms you’ve listed are either caused by something easily treatable, or that they’re not actually symptoms of anything and are just little things that happen occasionally! I’d recommend clicking on the “About MS” button at the top of the page as you’ll find lots of information including about the risk of MS being passed onto children - I can’t remember the exact figure but I know there’s an extremely low chances of MS being passed on (children of people with MS have a slightly higher chance of getting it than the general population but the difference isn’t enormous) so hopefully that’ll set your mind at rest :slight_smile: Until you hear more from your GP, I’d recommend practicing some relaxation techniques in case your symptoms are stress-related, and while it’s good to make a note of new symptoms as they occur try not to obsess over them as there’s a really good chance they’re nothing serious :slight_smile: Sarah

Just a quick update. I have a blood test booked this week for vitamin deficiency etc. My GP never actually heard from the neurologist but I have received an referral notification asking me to book an appointment. I wasn’t expecting this as I didn’t realise I had actually been referred and the latest from my doctor was to see how things panned out in a few weeks. In the last few weeks I have paid a lot of attention to my anxiety levels and have taken steps to physically and mentally relax when I appear to have symptoms. I can’t meditate as such, my mind is too busy but I walk myself through a relaxing scenario in my head, a technique I was taught by a hypnotist many years ago. A lot of my symptoms do seem to either clear or are a lot better after this. The only symptom I am left with is the regular eye twitch and a few twitches in random muscles every now and then. I don’t really class the achey legs as a symptom as I can’t remember ever not having them and they go as soon as I go to bed. I now wonder if I made things so much worse with my anxiety and am going to seem silly at the neurologist appointment. I know these appointments are so important to people with much more severe problems than mine and don’t want to waste an appointment that someone else could have. My partner says I should still go as even if I am symptom free by then I am in the system if things ever get worse. I also still have the main symptom which is the twitching eyelid. My symptoms seem so small after reading posts here that part of me is now thinking am I better living with the minimal symptoms and not knowing? Sorry, just another post where I am trying to clear my head and put my thoughts in order.

I agree with your partner. You’re in the system now, and you might find actually find it a relief to just sit back and let that play itself out. Don’t worry about ‘wasting’ an appt. The referral decision was the GP’s to make, not yours. Not your problem.

Good luck.