My left eye lid has twitched for about 8 weeks now and is really annoying. Anyone else get this and can anything stop it Axx

Hi, This is tough one to answer. Do you have MS or are you worried this is a sign? Is this the only symptom you have?

No I’m in limbo. Not the only sign at present I also have tight band sensation to my leg/feels like packed in ice and extreme fatigue can’t walk for long without getting exhausted. Have also had past symptoms of burning, tingling, getting words wrong, bladder problems. Abnormal neuro examination but clear mri results apparently. Axx

Hi Arwen,

hope you’re holding up ok x

I remember from your previous posts your saying you were very frustrated because you felt your physical exams were abnormal but your neuro said normal; (he had put brisk reflexes down to nerves etc and then on next one also he said it was fine, even though you felt one leg was stronger than the other)

It is difficult place to be in. My neuro also commented in his report that I had brisk reflexes, but that he thought it was because I was anxious when he did the exam.

But if MS could always by identified by physical exam alone, no-one would ever need an MRI. So dont get too down about neuro being a bit hesitant to classify physical exams as abnormal, because if I remember, you are having a second MRI soon? So hopefully that might help find some answers one way or the other?

Hang in there. xxx

Hello arwen. I get the twitching eyelid and lip…hope that’s a comfort that I’m a fellow twitcher lol I’ve no idea what one can do to stop it though, sorry


im a fellow twitcher to but it just stopped.

Ha ha Blossom how nice to have a fellow twitcher. Just wish I could find something to stop it as it is irritating. Thanks for your input anon (although not sure why anon) feeling more fed up that I can’t walk for more than a short time now various other symptoms and no eexplanation and nope sadly don’t have a repeat mri booked. Could have an lp if I want and vep but neuro registrar (never seen consultant) thinks its pointless. Axx

Thanks venere hopefully mine will too. Ax

My L one twitches - It will go through periods of normal and then suddenly will twitch for like a week which is irritating.



Hi, I remember reading that twitchy eyes can be an MS symptom.

In the days when it was thought I had PPMS, my neuro noticed a twitch in my lower left eye lid. He offered me botox, but I declined. Didnt fancy the possibility of mis-matched eyes.


So annoying isn’t it Reemz. Oooh botox sounds good can be wrinkle free too lol Axx

I get this a lot too, drives me crazy! Mentioned it to my nurse once, who suggested drinking tonic water as the quinine can calm the nerve impulses. Have to say didn’t make a lot of difference, but I added gin to the tonic, and certainly cared less after it! Hope it goes soon for you Arwen. Lx

botox sounds good if mine comes back my dentist can do it for me.

Omg this is great gin and tonic and botox. I love you guys. Axx