advice please

Hi everyone I hope you all had a great new year, I was just wondering if a twitchy eye was a ms symptom, it’s been playing me up for days now and won’t stop twitching,it doing my head in now. I have found the eye is moving around a lot with out me doing it, don’t know if that makes any sense or not. I have had a problem with the other eye as it won’t stop leaking water the eye lashes r stuck together every day, I’ve put that one down to dry eyes, which I’m sitting that eighth pharmacist. Many thanks lisa

Hi Lisa,

Ask your GP TO CHECK FOR you never know you might not have MS?

Hi, in the days when I was told I had PPMS, a neuro noticed the area underneath one eye, had a twitch. I hadnt noticed it myself, but when I asked family/friends they said they had spotted it!

I was told it was a common MS symptom and was offered botox…I declined…incase I ended up with one big, staring eye and one normal one!

This is different to your eyeball roaming around, so i cant answer your query about that, sorry.


Hello Lisa

I have problems with my eyelids twitching.

Regarding the actual eye, why don’t you book yourself in at the opticians…probably quicker than getting a gp appointment.

Good luck xxx

Thankyou everyone for getting back to me so fast, I’m seeing my ms nurse in a few weeks so I will ask her. Thanks again

Hi Lisa, I had a twitching eye that came on one day out of the blue and lasted 5 weeks! Thankfully I’ve had no further bouts in the last few months. I did mention it to my neuro at my last appt but he said it wasn’t necessarily to do with MS. However I feel it is connected because previously I’ve never had eye lid twitching lasting more than a few hrs then in the year I got diagnosed I had it for all 5 weeks. Best wishes RedShoes

Ahh thankyou red shoes mine has just come out of the blue, I’ve had it all day today again, it’s been just over a week and it had not stoped, just don’t know how to stop it lol.