Eyelid tic

Hi, I know that in the grand scheme of symptoms this doesn’t seem like a biggy but I’ve had a tic/spasm in my right eyelid almost constantly for two weeks. It’s not huge and most of the time you can hardly see it but I can feel and see it all the time and it’s getting to be quite wearing! Just wondered if anyone had any tips that might help stop it? I take Baclofen at night to stop leg spasms and that seems to help the eyelid but if I take it during the day I can’t function. Any ideas warmly welcomed!

Becky x

Hi Becky

You might think you have every thing under control but your eyelid knows better! I had it a while back and it was stress/anxiety see your doctor or talk to your eyelid and say you hear it see it! Not being flippant I needed a course of antidepressants speaking about it helps especially to your doctor or someone who understands.

Not being stressed or anxious would be a damned miracle in normal times add MS into the pot. It’s not scary it’s just your body saying life sucks.

Take care, be safe M x

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Thanks so much for this, on top of everything else that’s going on my eldest is off to Uni for the first time next week. I thought I’d been handling it OK but maybe my eyelid does indeed know better! I used to use the Headspace app quite a lot but have let it slide whilst everyone’s been at home, time to revisit I think.

Thanks again, I really appreciate you replying and hope you’re OK.

Becky x

I was once offered botox for an eye twitch. I turned it down. I might have ended up with a very lop sided face…they said it is a common symptom with MS.

It stopped and happens very rarely now.


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MS consultant told my sister when she was first diagnosed many many years ago that eyelid tic/flutter is a common symptom of MS.

I dont have it though, but we are all different.

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Thanks, I didn’t realise, I guess it makes since as it’s a mini spasm.

Becky x