Eye twitch


i know almost any symptom can be or be not caused by ms but I have had a really strong eye twitch in my left eye nearly every day on and off for the past six weeks. Is this something anyone else has a problem with?

thank you,

sue x

Hi Sue

I had exactly the same thing and often wondered if it was MS related. My right eye twitched for about two months at a time when I was signed off work with stress etc so put it down to that. The good news is that it does stop! Mine stopped as suddenly as it started and hopefully wont come back for a while as it was driving me mad!

Hope yours stops soon too.


Yes Sue. I have had this before. Also th spider web feeling across my face.

It disappeared on its own but it is annoying

Hope yours goes soon.

Shazzie xx

Thank you hen, it is really annoying x

Hi Sue, I have this myself I get regular twitching in my right eye. Bit annoying however I put it down to having Bells Palsy a few months back. Hope yours and mine clears up soon. Can’t give you any advice but you are not alone.


Yes I get an eye twitch, one of those things I used to dismiss due to stress. It doesn’t happen very often or for very long but I’m now sure it’s because of misfires.