Eye twitch driving me mad

As the title suggests :joy:
Started last night and has been annoying me all morning. Anyone had this? Was it the start of a relapse?

I get these sometimes and they drive me mad! My last one lastest 3 weeks alongside one in my foot. I haven’t had a relapse, just one of those weird symptoms that come and go. Very annoying. Like magic…my eye has started again as I’m typing this!! I hope it settles soon.

Thank you, that’s reassuring to know it didn’t kick start a relapse or anything. Just another fun symptom then :see_no_evil: x

It is quite common in people who don’t have MS, too. The muscles around the eyes seem quite sensitive to tiredness.

I get this from time to time. I always think it’s a sign of tiredness and my body telling me it’s time to take a break! I think it’s common for a lot of people, not just those with MS.