You know when you get that twitchy eye thing…

I have started getting that same twitching in the muscles in my left arm, and it’s been going on all day.

Does anyone else get this - and if so, what do you do about it!!




4 twitches and no replies!

Yeh, I sometimes get a twitchy eye area too. I once read it was typical MS, but I aint go MS anymore!!!

Actually a neuro saw it and offered me botox, but I declined as he couldnt do my whole face!

If it is a real problem for you, why not ask about botox?. Dunno about your arm though.


I have had twitchy eyes for years, but they have got a lot worse since getting MS, especially when I am tired. I just give up and go to bed.

Hi, I have had the twitchy thing in my legs the last two evenings, really annoying, Sue x