Twitching eye driving me insane!

My right eye keeps twitching it never used to is this an MS thing? It’s the same eye that my sight deteriorated in significantly when I first had symptoms is this just a councidence? Thank you to anyone in the know Becca x

I only know a little about this but I thought I’d share and assume someone who knows more will correct me if I get it wrong.

I think MS can cause muscle twitching in practically any muscle, so it’s likely to be causing your eye twitching.

One of my ‘MS mates’ had a problem with his eyes where they were trying to close all the time. Not twitching but just shutting - he had to hold his eyelids up with his fingers. For a few years, he had botox injections to partially disable the muscles. He really started to struggle to keep his eyes open as he got towards three months from the last set of injections. Then, for no reason, the problem went away.

Botox injections might solve your problem.

Hello there, I have had an issue with my left eye twitching since the end of June. It got so bad it lead to awful dizziness, blurred vision and the worst fatigue I have had for a while. MS nurses have been brilliant (they confirmed a relapse- my first since dx) and after lots of rest it is steadily improving. I think for me it is the heat. A finger on my right hand used to twitch when it got hot. That hasn’t happened at all… Just the darn eye! Kx

Both my eyes vibrate, it’s really annoying and made me stop looking people in the eye because I knew they could see… My actual eye balls move Ieft to right really fast… But taking LDN has stopped it, only happens when I’m tired now, it’s my signal that I need a rest!

Snap, my right eye goes nuts, used to be when I was tired but it can happen first thing in the morning sometimes. Really irritating.

Thank you all so much I was starting to doubt myself. I keep asking Gareth if he can see it and he can. He may start to get a little but annoyed soon

I had Optic Neuritis 14 years ago in my left eye and ever since have had spells of twitching in it. I was always really self conscious of it but no-one else seemed to notice even when I pointed it out so I don’t really worry about it now. Kate xx

Not diagnosed but had some trouble with a twitching eye for a few weeks then it just went away.