Twitching eye

Does anyone else suffer from a teitching eye?

I don’t have any associated pain with it just the annoying everlasting twitch!!

Mandymoo x

Damn rib pain is really kicking off now…any connection do you think?


Hi Mandymoo

I have a twitching eye at the moment. It was in the right eye this morn - now it’s in the left. I don’t know whats going on. Lol! It’s annoying!

I don’t have this all the time - just now and again. I didn’t put it down to the ms though - i have the flu and thought it was something to do with that.

No rib pain though!!

What are we like? Theres always something driving us mad!!!

Best Wishes


Been having it a lot the last few days. But I’m not positive it’s the MS, because I know most healthy people get it occasionally, as well. I might just be tired…

(Nothing new there then.)


hello! My right eye has been twitching for the last 10 days. SO ANNOYING. Googled it when it started last week and it is an MS thing. No idea on rib pain though. Sorry xxx

Twitching eyes is a very common sign of loads of different types of vitamin deficiency so, if anyone hasn’t had a full screen done, please ask your GP. Vitamin deficiencies can also cause MS-like symptoms!

(It does also happen in MS & with fatigue btw, but best to get the blood tests done just in case.)

Karen x

I had a twitching eye for nearly 10 days. For 4 of those days, my right upper eyelid would twitch every 30 seconds – ALL DAY. I went to the optometrist on day 4, absolutely fed up. He told me that a twitchy eye is caused by one of the following:

Stress, Over-tiredness, too much caffiene

He said that a twitching eye can “only” be caused by those things. So when I pointed out that none of those things applied to me (I was on holiday from work, slept a whole 8 hours the night before, and only have 1 caffiene drink a day) he then told me that it was “most likely something neurological”. Hmm… go figure.

It still twitches occasionally now (nearly 2 weeks later) but only once or twice a day at most. Associated with MS? Hmmm… I’m not an expert, but judging by how many MS sufferers have said they’ve had a consistent twitchy eye (for more than 48 hours), I’d say most likely.

Hi Mandymoo!

I was suffering with Blepharospasm really bad when this ‘bad patch’ started a few months ago. Yes it is something I’ve experienced sporadically in the past when was tired etc - irritating but very mild and very normal!!

This time though it was there with a vengeance - it was unrelenting & constant - and every now & again it felt that my whole eye was spasming downwards - very embarrassing as it was very very visible to others!

It was so bad it actually stopped me falling asleep and was waking me up several times in the night as well.

My other symptoms were really bad at the time as well and I was also getting the odd spasm in my jaw which almost took my teeth out!!

I remember sitting on the sofa with this horrible deep nerve pain down the outside of my leg - my muscles were so stiff and tensed up - numness - freezing cold burning in my thighs - muscle spasms & twitches and these amazing fasciculations in my big thigh muscles - the constant eye twitching was accompanied by constant flashing lights in my peripheral vision in the same eye etc etc etc

I remember thinking "What the effin hell is going on with my body??? everything seemed to be going nuts!! Including me lol x

I was feeling absolutely exhausted by it all !!!

It was mad - the eye twitching suddenly stopped after 2 months - it happens now and again - just to remind me

No it didn’t hurt - but believe me it got to the point where I would never ever describe it as a ‘minor’ symptom!

I’m not diagnosed but when I was ‘trawling’ there were quite a few MSers who got it bad when relapsing - it’s a muscle I suppose & muscles twitch & spasm in MS - like they do in plenty of other diseases - I just hope I never get it as bad as that again!


Hi Katie

I do have Costochronditis which was dx 18 months ago. It just seems a bit of a coincidence that it should flare up the same time as my eye twitching and leg muscle twitches. Is the Costochronditis related to MS?

Thanks so much for your reply

Mandymoo x

Mega late reply, but my right eyelid has been twitching more and more for the last few days. I’ve also had a mild ‘hug’ sensation so I’m guessing spasms are the order of the week. I’m well rested but fatigued, no caffeine consumed. Eyelid is starting to feel a bit heavier now.

Funnily enough eye twitching was the only thing that happened frequently way before my ‘episode’ occurred. It stopped when I was at my worse but now happens frequently again. When I was at my drs asking amount my tingling/painful hand/foot a week before I was hospitalised I mentioned my twitching eyes and asked about MS. He said that unless I had eye pain I couldn’t possibly have MS!

I had a really bad twitching eye a few weeks ago when I had bad eye pain and slight blurred vision. Drove me demented lasted about 1-2 weeks Axx

About a year ago my right eye twitched for months but it’s not happened in about 6 months.

This is before what’s happeneing to me recently so never associated it with anything.

About a year ago my right eye twitched for months but it’s not happened in about 6 months.

This is before what’s happeneing to me recently so never associated it with anything.

My L eye twitches - not all the time but when it happens it could go one for weeks so just quiet annoying. Vitamin levels were fine - suprisingly it is the L side of my body that seems to be affected by alot of things so I wonder whether this is part and parcel of everything else or just tiredness…



I get this on and off, too. Last time (earlier today, in fact) it was my left. I’m going to keep an eye on this now (pardon the pun) as other symptoms have been mostly, but not always, on the left. Oh and yesterday, my chin thought it would join in the fun!

Hi. Yes i get the same mine stared about 3 weeks a go. Its head doin a it lol