… is driving me nuts! As soon as I relax, the twitching starts, all over my body and with no pattern it seems. It tends to be at it’s worst when I am lying in bed trying to sleep, and it isn’t like a little iny twitch, it seems to generate a whole body movement! Last night for example, my right shoulder twitched a few times and it was enough to move my whole body! I also find I get a funny twitch in my hips, which again is enough to move my whole body, and has woken me up more than once.

I am writing this at 4.15am. I have been awake just over an hour now. I was woken up by a massive tremor running through my right shoulder into the core of my body. Very unpleasent experience that lasted 40 minutes, by which time of course I was wide awake! Grr.

I also went to see my optician for an eye test on Friday due to pain and blurring in my right eye. Optician can’t find anything obvious that would be causing these symptoms, however she is referring me to the opthamology team at the hospital? Can opticians diagnose Optic Neuritis? If they can then hopefully that is not what is causing my eye symptoms.

Off to the pain clinic on Monday. I have ongoing issues with nerve pain in my upper right abdomen that has been going on for quite some time now. GP wants me to discuss all my other symptoms with the Pain Team whilst I await my Neurology appointment. Not convinced the Pain Team are going to be able to do anything constructive (actually I think they are going to look at me as if I am mad for wanting to discuss these things and then send me back to the GP, no more knowledgeable than I was before the appointment!)

Hi switch yep i get twitches sometimes like when your eye is tired the eye lid twitches , i get that in my back shoulder neck and chest and legs at various times ive got a constant tremor that only stops when i lay down and dont move if im in bed and move my arm my arm and hand shake like ive been on a road breaker for the month and drinking tea or coffee my head shakes so much im left with half a cup laughter is the best med my friend and these twitches and twerks is what makes us unique hope it eased off and you got some rest mate

regards sheep