Hello all

I have posted on here a few times now and am thankful for all help with my questions and thoughts.

I am waiting for results of recent mri (previous one shows some brain lesions) the recent one was for lumbar spine etc.

Anyway, a couple of days ago I started getting a twitch in the fleshy part of my palm near thumb on left hand?! It is not painful, just very odd feeling like it’s moving side to side very fast, I can also see this twitch. I seem to get a lot of twitching around my body but this is new and maybe unsettling because it can be seen. Has anyone else experienced this sensation?

Any thoughts on this are very much appreciated.



Hi, yes I’ve had exactly the same then it moved to fingers on that hand as well, it’s only when I’m not busy but very annoying when you try to send a text and it decides what letters to type lol.

now my whole arm feels heavy and a bit tingly.

it all started a few weeks ago.

louise xx

I’m twitchy just now too, my left top eyelid was first, then my bottom eyelid and now my cheek has started too. All on the left side - I hope it stops spreading soon! My left of my face kind of feels tight too, if that makes any sense, not like tight skin like I need to moisturiser but more like muscle or flesh or something. (My left arm and lower left leg feel like this too!).

My apologies to Louise and temple water for not thanking you for taking the time to reply to my post before now! Thank you both x

I wrote my post, logged out and have not been back on till now…ruuuude. Sorry.

i hope the twitching has settled down for you both and all is ok? The thumb twitch for me lasted about a week then disappeared.