body twitching/jerking

Hi everyone, this is my first post so if i have left anything out please let me know. I have a worrying thing thats been happening the last few days, I’ve always had the odd twitch/jerk etc but in the last few days it’s got worse and worse! I get this twitch that will start in like an arm or leg then kind of spread all over and get stronger and stronger until the twitch isnt just a quick jolt it lasts a few minutes and it’s like a cramp but I can’t stretch out of it like a real cramp, it hurts like hell and leaves some joints feeling like they’re burning after when they are cool to the touch, I will lay there feeling like there is some sort of fluid bubbling in the back of my neck and twitching away, it started in my face today I had to turn so my hubby couldn’t see because I was embarrassed, I’m not yet diagnosed but dr is doing tests and waiting for a neurologist, what do I do when this happens again?! X

Have you had your b12 checked??

The dr has done so many blood tests lately, I’m sure b12 was on there and good x