I keep doing big jerks all the time when I am falling asleep lately and it startles me awake and then I drift off again and it does it again. Anyone else get this? It’s only started in the last few months.

I used to get that a lot, but not recently.

I do find that if I turn over or change position at night these days my leg muscles jerk uncontrollably for about 10 seconds, enough to make the bed shake! All this stuff is so weird, isn’t it?

Yes very weird and scary too. I just feel I am getting worse and they don’t rush with tests. It’s 4 week on Thursday since I had my lumbar puncture and still haven’t heard anything. I am just hoping there is some kind of medication to help me. I am used to being told I have had m.e all these years and no medication and just get on with it. I will be quite angry if I have had ms all these years and always just been fobbed off by gp’s that it’s anxiety etc. We know our bodies and know when something’s wrong.

I use to get terrible jerking with my legs-my poor bf was more effected though as I could sleep through but he was kept awake… luckily they have got a lot better since starting on rebif. They did use to be very violent and scary…

Hope they get better for u hun x

I get this at night too. I haven’t been diagnosed yet though as I have ‘only’ (and am still going through) one episode. Drives me mad!

I kicked hubby really hard last night just as I was falling sleep! My leg just jerked from the knee down for no reason!

The funny thing is, it didn’t seem to wake him up, so I just muttered a quick “sorry” under my breath and turned over. Am waiting for him to come home from work to see if he’s complaining of an unexplained bruise on his leg!!!

I’ve had a whole head and shoulder shake as I’m laying in bed, a few times. I always wonder how conscious all of it is…like I get a slight feeling and run with it, or is it all involuntary? Weird indeed.

I know exactly what you mean, Reikiblossom…my jerky arms and legs quite often start unconsciously, but then it kind of feels as if I am doing them but I’m not consciously doing them. I know that must make no sense at all.

I also get a lot of ‘urges’ in my right arm to move and jerk it in a random way, but I am able to overcome these by concentrating really hard on not giving in to them. Try explaining that to a Neuro!!!

I get this in my legs at night, my poor partner is very patient with the bruses he gets!