Do any of you take meds for your jerks? I only started having them in November when I was very ill with the neurological stuff. They reduced in mid January, increased again but only in the evenings, then reduced again and I'd got down to two or three a day which were not affecting me much but now they have suddenly increased enormously over the last couple of days to masses of violent jerks - I'm not sure what this means and I'm not sure what to do either, should I just cope until I see neurologist in two weeks time or what? They are definitely not epileptic in origin. I'm not diagnosed yet.

Any advice welcome. crying2


Yes I take Keppra and clonazepam, Keppra morning and evening, clonazepam at night. I used to be up all night jerking (myoclonic) into the early hours of the morning. I now sleep like a baby and it's heaven.

Just hang in there and I wish you lots and lots of luck.



I take baclofen and pregabalin for my jerks. Baclofen reduced them a lot, but when I started pregabalin too it pretty much stopped them.

It's a miserable symptom - so damn visible! letdown

If they are painful, then I would see my GP if I were you. If they aren't, then I'd wait. Best for the neuro to see them in action if he hasn't already?

I hope you can get some rest over Easter! It can make the world of difference (fingers crossed!).

Karen x

Should have said - clonazepam didn't work for me - we are all so different! Amitriptyline did help, but I developed bad ulceration on it. A lot of people find it really good for MS symptoms though and it's dead cheap so your GP may be happy to let you try it?

Thanks Karen and Janet for your replies. It's now Easter hols so I can rest a bit for 3 weeks just as soon as I've collected daughter 2 from uni tomorrow! The top of my back between the shoulder blades feels strange, not quite real pain but sharpish burning so I'm wondering if the jerks originate from there - what do you know about this stuff? Can it possibly stem from anatomical problems or am I wishful thinking? I'll try to hold out for the neurologist but it's definitely draining. I'm still buzzing and twitching too. 

Still hoping it'll all just disappear one day soon. confused

Thanks for your support, Dxx

Update - still very very buzzy and jerky and its driving us nuts as affecting our sleep so much. The jerks are so strong and hurting my muscles. I resorted to diazepam last night which helped a bit but not much. Have woken up just the same this morning with a little damp patch too crying1

Whatever this is it's beginning to drain my upbeat resources now. 

Happy Monday



Wish I could do more!

Karen x

Hi there
Can totally relate to what is happening to you, I had this last year and it kept me up at night, legs twitching and jumpy. My work started to suffer, as I do a lot on the computer and my right hand that held the mouse jerked unexpectedly. I was put on carbamazepine and it worked for me. After a few months I weaned myself off this and it has thankfully not come back. I get the odd jerking and twitching, but nothing as bad as last year. Hopefully it will go away on its own. Best wishes Heather