? jerking

Hey all

just a short question. Today I was holding the I pad for about 20mins with my left hand which is the side that has predominantly been affected with the first major episode. I noticed my hand was tiring and becoming unstable and eventually I had to lie the ipad down and my thumb went beserk jerkinging uncontrollably. It was at least a few hours before it stopped and since then it has felt sore and tight and feels like if I over carry anything it might do it again.

Has anyone else had anything like this. I get twitches but never had this.




Hi Reemz,

It sounds like it could be myoclonic jerks:- involuntary and uncontrollable twitching or jerking which can occur either when resting or upon movement.

For years I had what I thought was restless legs but over time I began having ‘bodily’ jerks which would wake me up with a jolt. The following few days my body felt battered and sore and I was finding it harder to walk, so I mentioned it to my neuro. He started me on clonazepam and although I had to slowly up the dose, for the most part it’s now under control.

It’s definitely worth speaking to your neuro or GP about it, particularly if it gets worse or continues. Generally speaking myoclonic jerks is treated with anti-epileptic meds, so there is help out there.

Hope that helps

Debbie xx

Hi Debbie

Ahhh so thats what it is. Okay that kind of makes sense. I guess I’ll wait and see if it happens anymore but its good to know I don’t have to put up with it if it gets worse. You’re right it really did hurt afterwards and my thumb still feels rather wierd today like as if its not quite there or responding to me telling it to do stuff.

Happened with my family there so I think for the first time they’ve actually seen that there is something wrong.

Thank you so much for the advice.



You’re welcome Reemz

See how it goes…it’s the pits when it happens so don’t leave it too long in telling someone if it persists.

Try to take it easy today, hope you start to feel better soon.

Debbie xx

p.s. hopefully the penny has now dropped re: your family!