Jerking about in bed

Last two nights, especially last night I have been experiencing really violent body jerks, sending my head towards my chest and my legs up off the matress. Sometimes my arms fly off and I expel air (from the mouth!) in a grunt. Must have had a couple of hundred of them last night, needless to say with very little sleep. Never had anything so violent before, though there have been a couple of nights in the last few months where I experienced something much more mild and only a few times. Seeing the doc later. Anybody know if this can happen when standing on your feet or driving, as I have only experienced it in bed.

Hi, I can’t say I’ve any experience of this but it sounds horrible. Hope you got some help from the doctors?


really hope your dr can give you some answers, sounds awful, sounds like some sort of seizure. ?

all the best


Not much help actually at present. I cannot even get an appointment to see my own doctor til the 2nd and the locum said she would refer me back to the neurologist I sawin 2011 but to see my own doctor. No diagnosis made. Not as severe last night but stll happening