bad night

Hi all. I had the most horrendous nights sleep. I felt ok all day yesterday and then went I went to bed I was awake for ages and then the body jerks started. started with my legs shaking and then my whole body went into spasm and then full blown body jerks including my neck. I couldn’t stop my head from shaking violently it was jumping from side to side. It stopped after a few minutes but is so tiring and my joints ached. I eventually got to sleep but have started feeling shaky again this morning. What a weird illness.

that sounds horrible, I hope you get some meds / therapies / techniques to help with this.


Hi Mick. I am used to the body jerks now. It has going on for a while but nothing like that. I will try some relaxation techniques and see if they help. I have made an appointment to see my dr in January to discuss my symptoms getting worse. Hopefully she will be able to help. Don’t feel too bad now. I managed to take the dog for a walk but am starting to go a bit wobbly again. Back to the crutches again for a bit now (suprise suprise)!

Deb I would like to think that relaxation or deep breathing could help. It can be a bit like distracting a naughty child, but if it helps go for it big time . Mick

It certainly won’t make things any worse! pins and needles just started in hands and feet and my hands have started to shake and can feel twitches started in my thighs. Fun and game!!!