I was just wondering if anyone else gets this.

Obviously I have always had the odd eyelid twitch as does most other people BUT recently I have had this for hours at a time. It also happens on my eyebrow, bum cheek arm and hand. The arm and hand one looks like there is something trying to get out from under my skin. I actually took a video of it and posted it on FB and some of my friends are shocked.

Is this anything to do with MS? I know my hand was really really bad last night. Went on for hours and was twitching 1-2 times a second and some points. This was after using my crutch at the zoo yesterday which put a lot of strain on my arm.

Thanks in advance, Lindsay x

Hi Lindsay,

Yes, it’s the MS, I’m pretty certain.

I get them mostly in my feet. The muscles that do it are so tiny I usually can’t even feel it happening, but if I don’t have shoes and socks on, it’s very highly visible.

As you say, looks like Alien, trying to get out!

Not harmful of itself - just another annoyance. :frowning:


Thanks Tina,

I was going to mention it to my neuro next week but I am pretty sure he will say it is not related (he always does).

As you said it’s not harmful but my hand did keep me awake most of the night as it was making my finger and thumb jump


Hi, yes I get it too. I call it ‘the hampster under my skin!’ Get it mainly in legs but sometimes in arms, buttocks and hands.

Told neuro and he told me name (something Latin which I immediatly forgot) and said it’s ‘very MS’.

Pat x

Could be Guinea Worm, in which case you need a piece of cheese and a pencil

(just joking)

Haha I hope not. For once I hope it’s just the MS