I know everone gets the odd twitch especially round the eye or thumb but can this be an MS symptom too.

My arm and finger were going crazy yesterday. I watched it and it looked like there was someone trying to get out of my arm. The skin just kept jumping. Also my little finger kept jumping too. It got very irritating throughout the night.

Thanks in advance x

Yes babe,I am sure this is MS.

I get a twitch in my thumb that I can actualy see.Looks pritty weired.I get them in the legs and arms.

Ive tried looking in the mirror at the facial ticks/twitches but they seem to stop every time I go to look.

Our bodys love to play with us.


Hi, i have had i twitch(wink) in my right eye for months

it went on friday to be replaced by a twitch on the side of my nose

when i look at it in the mirror it looks like a alien try trying to escape

from my skin.